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Hong Kong Summer!

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With global travel still very much disrupted, and the prospect of getting away for a quick break seemingly a long way off, we’ve rounded up the best ways to enjoy a local summer and take advantage of the wonderful city we call home!



You don’t need to ask us twice… who would turn down a stay in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels? With travel restrictions still in place, some of the best hotels are offering staycation packages for a steal, and it’s hard to think of reasons not to check them out. Think of it as research for future visitors!
Check out our top picks here.


Beach Days

Hong Kong isn’t short of picturesque beaches, and whether it’s a quick trip out to the Southside or a speedboat over to Tai Long Wan, there’s something to tick every box. Living in a city blessed with pretty sweet summers we might as well take advantage of the glorious weather!
Read more here!


Pool Days

For a more chilled out vibe, without the stress of bringing a beachful of sand back to your apartment, make a splash at one of our top picks for pool days. Put your feet up and get the margaritas in!




In Hong Kong we don’t need much of an excuse for a Junk, and what better time to get organising?! Whether it’s a special occasion or just an excuse to get off the Island for the day, we have something for everyone in our Best Junks Guide!




2020 is the year to finally achieve that summer bod – no holidays, no excuses! Head out into the fresh air and take your pick of Hong’s many Hiking trails. For those more interested in working out with AC then check out some of these fun and different classes – Ab-Fabulous Fitness Workouts!




Taking it back to the good old days where camping was a holiday favourite. We’re talking sleeping under the stars, on the beach, or glamping in style. Escape the hustle and bustle with our recommended Camping Getaways.