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Residential Leasing

Nest Property

Renting a property is a relatively straight-forward process. It’s finding the right house or apartment for rent in Hong Kong that is the tough part. To the average person who has newly relocated to Hong Kong, apartments are small, rents are high and finding a property to rent that you like and are willing to commit to seems like a tall order. That’s why you need Nest Property.

Nest Property is made up of a multi-national team of real estate agents who have first-hand experience of the process of looking for a property to rent to Hong. They know the pitfalls, struggles and frustrations and can help you navigate these challenges. Our consultants listen to the client brief and handpick only the best available properties for rent within a client’s budget, that actually meet their criteria.

In almost all instances in Hong Kong there is a sacrifice to be made — be it size, price, location, outdoor space or quality of finish — but at Nest Property we always go the extra mile to show clients a breadth and depth of options, so that you, the client, can walk away happy, knowing you have made a well-informed and researched decision, and found the best suited home for you at that time.

Designer, Unique & Characterful Hong Kong Apartments

Working with our connections with property developers across Hong Kong and with your individual preferences we offer some of the most desirable properties for rent. When you are looking to rent an apartment you want to ensure that you are choosing the perfect location. We don’t compromise on quality with the residential properties we offer. Options for small or large apartments are available, as well as larger homes for families.

In helping our clients find the right apartment to rent or the most suitable property to buy in Hong Kong, our consultants carry out a comprehensive property search of the entire residential market. They will inform you of location pros and cons and will refine the short-list of selected properties according to your feedback — at all times listening to the client. After all, we’re here to help find the right apartments for you to rent, or the right property for you to buy.

Choose from city views or beachfront properties, our residential leasing options are broad and accessible to all clients.

Relocating or upgrading your home has never been easier. Nest Property have the skills and care to get you to where you want to be. Our consultative process will turn the home hunting nightmare into a dream.

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