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Nest Property

With tertiary educations under each of our belts, at Nest Property we’re not just a pretty face. A wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds will ensure finding your next home will be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. You’ll find your dream home and make a new friend, guaranteed!

Naomi Budden | Nest Property

Naomi Budden
Founder & Managing Director

Naomi has a Masters Degree in Journalism and a BA Joint Honours in Russian and Spanish from the University of Bristol.

Prior to setting up Nest Property in 2012, Naomi was part of the Residential Property team at Colliers International, Hong Kong. As the daughter of a British Diplomat, Naomi moved around the world frequently and grew accustomed to setting up home in exotic and far-away places. It was during this time that she got a buzz for properties — and unbeknown to her — became an expert in spotting the hidden potential and beauty in ‘bricks and mortar’. Naomi has a keen eye for detail, a love of architecture & interior design and is a relentless researcher. Put together, she is a ferocious property maven.

Naomi’s dogged determination, enthusiasm for property and drive keeps the Nest Team on their tippy toes, ensuring no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding the perfect home and delivering the best customer service to its clients.

William Budden

Born and raised in Hong Kong, William knows the intricacies and ins and outs of Hong Kong better than most.

With a degree in Graphic Design from Surrey University and 12 years’ experience running his own creative media agency, William has provided creative and digital solutions for the likes of JLL, Colliers International, Knight Frank, Brookfields and over 100 other brands and start-ups in the Asia-Pacific region. His business administration capabilities and knowledge of branding, digital optimization, technology implementation and system processes together with his strategic vision have been the cornerstone of the Nest Property business.

William strives to keep Nest Property armed with the best software, productivity systems and tools to not only succeed but also make best use of time management.

William enjoys meeting new people and has an extensive business and social network, never failing to connect people with shared interests and help out.

Will Robertson | Agent | Nest Property

Will Robertson
Executive Director

Originally from the UK, Will holds a combined honors degree in Law and Business Management from Liverpool University, making him a great asset when it comes to matters of property law and drafting property agreements. He has a keen eye for details, a thorough knowledge of the Hong Kong property market and strong relationships with both individual and corporate landlords alike.

A seasoned professional, Will is well-placed to understand the specific needs of clients new to Hong Kong and helps make the relocation transition as smooth as possible.

Will enjoys the challenges of complex property acquisitions and negotiations and is one of the best mediators in the industry.

Anna Hunt Square 1

Anna Hunt
Associate Director

This Cornish lass is no stranger to the competitive, high-pressured world of real estate. Brimming with energy and enthusiasm, Anna represents the next-generation of real estate consultants and brings a dynamic perspective to the team.

Raised in the UK, Anna has gathered a range of business experience — from managing a travel agency, to handling accounts, to being a full-time kindergarten teacher — this girl has done it all!

A graduate in Fashion Retail Management, Anna has a designer’s eye and tremendous thought and consideration for details – skills which helped her seamlessly transition into real estate. Tenacious yet tactful in property negotiations, she is admired for her friendly personality and her natural ability to connect with people. She’ll be your best friend in no time!

Anna made Hong Kong her home in 2017 and loves the excitement which this city has to offer. In her free time, she’s always on the lookout for new mountains to hike, an island to discover or the next best champagne brunch spot.


Lewis Chan
Senior Consultant

Born in Canada, having spent his formative years in Hong Kong and then uprooted to the UK for ten years, Lewis is intrinsically aware of what it means to pack up, move half-way across the world and start afresh.

Lewis graduated from Loughborough University, Leicestershire, with an honours degree in Management Sciences, thereafter, finding his passion and true calling for real estate. For his Master’s Degree, he was admitted to the prestigious Cass Business School to further his studies in Real Estate Investment. Not only did he pass with distinction, the fact that he did so in the pandemic year with the suspension of face-to-face classes speaks volumes about his resilience, dogged determination and dedication to property education.

With a comprehensive professional education under his belt, Lewis brings to the table a strong local knowledge of Hong Kong, a profound understanding of the emerging industry trends, well-rounded agent skills and excellent communication skills. He constantly taps on his negotiation and networking abilities and always prioritizes his clients over everything else. Dedicated to providing excellent end-to-end client services, Lewis has quickly established himself as one of the promising new consultants to look out for in the luxury Hong Kong real estate market.

Lewis stays with his family in Happy Valley and, when not scouring neighbourhoods for the latest exciting properties, he can be found getting his football fix with pals. He’s played for the South China Football Club in Hong Kong and represented Loughborough University Futsal Team in the UK. Lewis is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

Kyle Sullivan | Agent Introduction | Nest Property

Kyle Sullivan

A professional rugby player, Kyle has been a proud team member of the Hong Kong National 15’s team since 2015. A lover of the great outdoors with a passion for vintage cars, Kyle enjoys spending time training with his 15’s team on the field, exploring the wonderful country parks that Hong Kong has to offer with his beloved dogs, or perusing unique vintage car when he has the opportunity.

Born and raised in Hong Kong — Kyle is a true Hongkonger. He completed his education at King George V School, and is currently on his way to complete his university education at Hong Kong University. He enjoys the thrill of working in a fast paced environment like that of the city, and loves Hong Kong for its uniqueness and duality — having a metropolis only a short distance away from beautiful beaches and mountain trails.

Kyle has an easy-going, down to earth personality and is a gentleman with integrity who knows Hong Kong like the back of his hand. He will be able to show you the best spots in and around the city. You can count on Kyle to have the greatest attention to detail when finding your new home.

Aliz Hui Square

Aliz Hui

A Hong Kong local, Aliz studied sociology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, from there she went on to read English Literature at The University of Waterloo in Canada, culminating her studies with a year at  UC Berkeley in the US reading studying macroeconomics.

Aliz embarked on her career as a customer service officer at K11 Atelier, K11 Limited before taking on the role of account manager at Centaline. When the time came for a welcome change and a challenge Aliz moved on to become a Consultant and a part of the team here at Nest Property.

Aliz keeps herself busy with plenty of outdoor activities; she enjoys spending her downtime hiking and wake surfing but equally enjoys a good movie and a bit of café hopping.

Possessing great connections with both international and local agencies, and being a Hong Kong native herself, Aliz knows and understands the delicate ins and outs of the Hong Kong property market. Aliz takes great pride in being client-orientated and because of this is very considerate of all of her clients’ needs.


Vivien Tang

Vivien was born and raised in the Netherlands, where she studied Marketing and Communications at the University of Amsterdam, specialising in Artificial Intelligence. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and went on to work for a high-end PR company representing brands such as Tiffany & Co. and Isabel Marant in Amsterdam.

Vivien was at the time working as on online editor for Marie Claire when she made the move to Hong Kong to help them launch their upcoming hotspot as an event planner. It wasn’t long before the city’s enigmatic vibrancy and thrilling energy had romanced, and so she decided to make her stay permanent.  All of which was music to her elegant grandmother’s ears – who already resided in Hong Kong.

“Finding a place that compliments you, building memories, designing it with pieces from all over the world, creating that little safe haven — it’s like a compass that guides you through a course that truly determines your home” and it is this feeling that gave rise to her interest and pushed her to pursue her passion for property.

In her spare time, Vivien enjoys doing workshops to satisfy her curious personality and when she isn’t in a cooking class or doing pottery, you can find her sailing with her friends, doing volunteer work for the homeless, or enjoying some of Hong Kong’s delicacies with her grandmother.

Vivien is an incredibly driven and passionate person; a real go-getter. She will go to great lengths to make the impossible possible.

Kristina Davies

Kristina Davies

Meet Kristina Davies, a vibrant and friendly agent at Nest Property. Originally from the Philippines, Kristina alternated between Mindanao and Cebu City during her upbringing. She has been calling Hong Kong home since 2002 and has truly fallen in love with the city’s dynamic charm.

Kristina’s educational journey led her to pursue Event Management at HKU and later a BSc in Business Management with Marketing from the University of London. She started her early career in the Food and Beverage department at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental hotel before delving into Wine Sales. Later, she ventured into the real estate industry after working in a financial services company.

Driven by her love for helping people and finding the perfect home, Kristina embraced the real estate industry wholeheartedly. Her extensive experience and understanding of the Hong Kong property market make her an exceptional agent. She values her clients’ needs and knows the significance of finding the right space for each individual and family.

Outside of work, Kristina enjoys yoga, hiking, and spending time at the beach. She cherishes moments with friends and exploring art exhibitions and galleries. A book enthusiast, she collects classical books with captivating cover designs by talented artists.

With her people skills, empathy, and vast experience in Hong Kong, Kristina is the perfect fit to help you find your dream home. She takes pride in being a good listener and understands the importance of meeting every client’s unique requirements. Let Kristina be your trusted guide in your real estate journey, making it an enjoyable and successful experience.

Sarah McDonnell Square Web

Sarah McDonnell

Originally from England, Sarah McDonnell spent her childhood in the picturesque home counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Seven years ago, she fell in love with Hong Kong during a holiday and decided to make the vibrant city her home. Sarah cherishes the outdoor lifestyle, warm weather, friendly people, and diverse culinary scene that Hong Kong offers, making her recent application for permanent residency an easy decision.

After obtaining a Mechanical Engineering degree from Oxford Brookes University, Sarah kickstarted her career with the Red Bull Formula 1 team in the UK, specialising in carbon fibre composites. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, she transitioned to the Oil and Gas industry while pursuing her passion for personal training. Three years ago, Sarah took the leap and opened her own personal training studio in Sheung Wan, which she continues to run alongside her work at Nest Property.

In her spare time, Sarah loves being active outdoors, running, hiking, and wakesurfing. As a Lane Eight Ambassador, she enjoys hosting fitness events and being involved in the community. A self-proclaimed foodie, she relishes discovering new dining spots around the city. With a fun, confident, and outgoing personality, Sarah thrives on being around people and cultivating social connections.

Sarah’s adaptability, approachability, and ability to read clients make her a valuable asset in the property industry. Having previously worked as an estate agent in the UK, she enjoys the personal nature of helping people find their dream homes. Sarah goes the extra mile, ensuring her clients feel comfortable and supported throughout the process, ultimately delivering a smooth and enjoyable experience.