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Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong

Nest Property


Looking to take a step towards zero waste living? it can be as simple as refusing plastic bags, carrying a reusable bottle with you or shopping at zero waste stores. We have put together a list of stores for waste-free shopping.




Beyong Plastic | Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Offering everything from bamboo products to sugarcane takeaway boxes and silk floss Beyond Plastic has a whole range of zero waste, biodegradable, compostable and ecological household products. They also donate a percentage of their profits to charities. Finally, they hold monthly events in Hong Kong to engage the general public and promote environmental education through civic action.

Find out more here.




Lively Life | Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Find everything you need to live a waste-free life at Lively Life. Here you’ll be able to get fresh produce, rice, noodles and an array of organic kitchen and beauty items, some of which are locally made.

Find out more here.




Edgar | Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Bring your own containers and buy your seeds, pasta, cereals and snacks — without having to worry about wasteful packaging. This zero-waste store allows customers to bring in their own bags and containers so they can purchase in bulk and avoid using plastic bags or other items that will harm the environment.

Find out more here.




Live Zero | Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Live Zero provides a wide range of natural, and organic brands, free from packaging. From pantry staples like oats, flour, legumes, herbs & spices, to household, personal hygiene products like hair wash, body wash, laundry and multipurpose cleaning.

Find out more here.




Organic We | Zero Waste Stores in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Organic We was founded in 2013 with the purpose of conscientious consumption. A great choice to shop for cruelty-free makeup, vegan pantry staples, eco-friendly cleaning products and more.

Find out more here.