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Your Hong Kong Water Sports Guide

Nest Property


Summer is here and whether you’re a boundary-pushing thrill-seeker, or partial to trying something new, there’s an adventure with your name on it. From scuba-diving and surfing to SUPing and more, these are the best water adventures for you to give a go.




Kayaking | Water Sports in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Kayaking is a great way to get in a quick upper body workout and one of the best ways to enjoy the serene Hong Kong waters. The best spots are in Sai Kung but you’ll find kayak rentals at most popular water sport beaches across Hong Kong.

WILD HONG KONG | More info here.




Scuba Diving | Water Sports in Hong Kong | Nest Property


You’d be surprised at the marine life you can spot out a little further out in the seas of Hong Kong. For ease of access, head to Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay, to learn how to scuba dive at your own pace before you plan a diving holiday in Asia.

SPLASH HONG KONG | More info here.




Wakeboarding | Water Sports Hong Kong | Nest Property


A popular add-on to amp up your junk boat trip, why not step up your game by hitting the water with some professional wakeboarding lessons?

HK WAKEBOARD | More info here.




Windsurfing | Water Sports in Hong Kong | Nest Property


If surfing isn’t enough on its own, windsurfing takes it to another level. Soak up the sunshine as you cut through the waves with speed using a sail. The most popular spots in Hong Kong for windsurfing are Cheung Chau and Stanley.