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What To Drink For New Year’s Eve- Guide To The Finest Champagnes

Nest Property

I only drink champagne on two occasions. When I am in love and when I am not.

-Coco Chanel

Shaking, spraying or pouring – nothing screams New Year like a glass of the finest effervescent drink. A cosy party or vibing solo, it’s the festive season and despite the COVID-19 restrictions or maybe because of them, the desire to go a little extra on holiday indulgence has never been greater.

The celebrations this year might be scaled-down but the promises which 2021 holds are over-the-top. Whether you’re splurging on a case or a single bottle, welcome the new year with one of these luxe, festive fizzes.

Join the party and do it right!




1. Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut

If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right!

It’s New Year’s Eve only once and if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!


Hosting your own or hitting up a family get together, the most glam way to elevate and enhance any occasion is undoubtedly  Moet & Chandon. Iconic and perfect all the way, what say?


2. Dom Pérignon – Vintage 2010

An ode to adaptability and change from the house of Dom Perignon


Rich, firm, floral fruity acidity in a rare vintage find. The history behind this spectacular vintage champagne is as romantic as its decadent flavour.

Most champagne is non-vintage; Grapes from different years are blended together in a complex process to conjure up a consistent taste. But 2010 was a special year for this Champagne house. A superb season for the vines was destroyed in mid-August when two months of rain fell on two days, destroying most of the crop and causing an invasion of botrytis, or gray mold.

The house of Dom Pérignon was one of the only Maisons that year to take a perilous gamble and still harvest the unaffected grapes which were of pristine quality and not fully mature. In order to call it a vintage, every minute of the following months mattered; harvesting the crop had become a race against time and drastic challenge. Ultimately, Dom Pérignon’s unwavering commitment and fine intuition prevailed.

A decade later, Vintage 2010 has arrived and is an elegant testament to the superior skills of winemaking, boldness, audacious tenacity and the fickleness of Nature.

So go ahead and treat yourself to a delectable glass, because God knows we need the indulgence this year more than ever!


3. Bollinger La Grande Annee Brut 2012

A timeless flavour profile and iconic for every celebration


2012 was a top year for champagne.

What better excuse to pop this exquisite blend of 2/3rd Pinot Noir, 1/3rd Chardonnay and drum-out the nightmare that was 2020.


4. Krug Clos Mesnil, 2006

A very rare, magical Champagne because you deserve some extra love this year


Krug’s Clos du Mesnil is an ode to the nonconformist attitude of Joseph Krug, founder of the House of Krug. The drink is a reminder of the great balance of a year 2006 was for Champagne harvest.

Raise a toast of this beautiful, citrusy and intense drink and bless the French for their undisputed quality of winemaking.


5. Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2012

Crisp, toasty with a hint of berry – this 2012 vintage bottle takes the classic yellow label to the next level and feels like a true winter celebration in a glass.


Rich with abundantly long, complex notes – this box of limited-edition cuvée is class and sophistication re-defined.


6. Champagne Pol Roger Brut Réserve NV “White Foil”

Tangy and exciting, layered and generously flavoured with apple, lemon-curd aromas. Zingy is the word for this elegant drink!


Fan of the British royals and the latest season of Crown just doesn’t cut the drama for you? So sip, sip hooray in royal style with the bubbly which has been the official drink for Harry and Meghan’s wedding and William and Kate’s before that.