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Upcoming Art Shows in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong has a lot to offer when it comes to art exhibitions. There are several upcoming and ongoing, must-see art exhibitions. Whether you’re looking for a photography exhibition, miniature replicas from the 1960s, or large-scale works on canvas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.




Pink coloured painting of two women lying down.


Down in the woods, up to the sky” does not set itself up as an absolute model of perfection, but tries to get as close as possible to it by moving away from historicism, sloth, cynicism, and the more wicked epicureanism. The artists were invited to freely interpret the above theme with their own personal visions correlated to their artistic practice – each of them breathing a new air while plunging into the woods. Each artist is romantically projected onto a crossroad: with a newfound awareness and existential consciousness; with an ultimate aim of yearning for a more complete cognition of being and consequently of coexistence; with a desire for a deeper connection with the bowels of the world; and with open wings soaring across a clear sky.

Find out more here.




A painting of a red and green coloured horse.


A Green Horse, is a new body of work by LA based artist, Andy Woll. The title A Green Horse alludes to two key aspects relating to the body of work. The first is its direct reference to George Stubbs’ painting A Grey Horse, 1793 which depicts a horse mid-canter. The active form of the horse as well as the composition where it is placed freely in the middle of the picture plane are key points of influence. The central placement of the animals emphasise their importance and reminds us of the traditional role of the horse in Stubb’s paintings,  which was to champion these prized possessions as a signifier of wealth and status in a certain strata of society.

Find out more here.




Miniture sculpture of Hong Kong buildings.


The University of Chicago Hong Kong and two unique local organisations will present old Hong Kong visually. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, the exhibition will feature 1960s miniature replicas of buildings from Wind Concept Art & Culture Association, its first public display.

Find out more here.




A photo of a mother with her child sitting on her lap.


Presented by Soluna Fine Art, “m<other>” is Hong Kong-based Korean photographer Kim Jee-Yun’s first show with the gallery. The solo exhibition features photographs and video work from Kim’s decade-long experiential documentary project that depicts children born to interracial marriages and their mothers.

Find out more here.




Photo artwork of a woman with hand shadow puppet.


Cotton in the Ears, Furball in the Throat is Hong Kong artist Nicole Wong’s (b. 1990) third solo exhibition with Rossi & Rossi. Working beyond a single medium, Wong’s practice investigates the tenuous connections between words, objects, and image, inviting introspective reflection through the exploration of ideas such as failure, hope, and miscommunication. Central to the theme of this exhibition this time is both a yearning for comfort – a sentiment that many of us experienced  throughout the pandemic – and the feeling of uneasiness about being inches away from it.

Find out more here.