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Unique Hong Kong Liveaboard Stays

Nest Property


We all want a little vacay away, but with travel still having some restrictions in place, why not change it up a little with a staycation and stay on a Hong Kong liveaboard. If you are looking for something truly unique and memorable, you will love what we have picked out for you.







A minimalist oriental-style inspired houseboat blended with the element of wood, bamboo, and rattan. Cipango is the name of Japan which was first mentioned in the accounts of Macro Polo. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and equipped with all of the other luxuries that you need and love.

View & book here.





If you are looking to venture out into Kowloon, sitting in the Kwun Tong Pier is the 63′ Dream Princess yacht. With two bedrooms, kitchenettes, and a beautiful upstairs terrace, this is a great place to get a different view of Hong Kong, enjoying the iconic Victoria Harbour skyline.

View & book here.





Named after Tangaroa, the god of the sea in Māori mythology, this classic, European-style liveaboard has prime spot in Aberdeen Harbour. With 4 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, outfitted with beautiful white and black furniture that create a stylish yet cosy look.

View & book here.





Nestled in the heart of the Aberdeen Fishing Village, where you can truly find the old ways of Hong Kong still thriving, is the three-storied antique British-style houseboat. With three bedroom, two bathrooms, a warm entertainment room with a comfortable sofa and mahjong, and a gorgeous balcony overlooking Aberdeen Fishing Village.

View & book here.



5. KEA’S


A stunning four bedroom, two bathroom houseboat that will take your breath away. The upstairs outdoor area also has a BBQ, for you to enjoy your meals while surrounded with breathtaking views of the harbour. You can choose from a continental or buffet breakfast in the morning cooked by vessel namesake Kea, who also hosts a private kitchen on the watercraft.

View & book here.