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Top Home Decor Trends To Elevate Your Space

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I am writing this post from my living room study space. A dedicated home workspace was meant to be a short-term solution for the slog that is WFH. More than a year later, not much has changed. Pinterest consumption and adaptability have soared and the divide between work and relaxation has become crystal clear; but the WFH situ, pretty much the same!

The silver lining though, COVID-19 has evolved our relationship with our homes.

With so much time being spent indoors, many of us feel right about doing a refresh on decor and spending on renovations even in rental properties. It’s pretty calming to be able to tweak out the old vibes and create a functional home with a comfortable, fresh aura.

Read on for more:


1. Comfort Over Concept


Comfort is never out of style!


We will be working, studying, exercising and socialising for a longish time from home, so it makes total sense to invest dollars and energy into decor details.

Comfort and cocooning are paramount in 2021. Invest in whatever that means to you. Clean aesthetics, a plush sink-into sofa, a soft, tufted, squidgy chair which reminds you of the ’70s, an overflowing bookshelf, velvety cushions or extra seating for the whole family to pile on for movie night.


2. Indoor Plants


The world will be a better place if plants just took over. 200%!


After the chaos that was 2020, turning our homes into soothing, nature-imbibed sanctuaries sounds exactly the kind of trend we’re hooting for this year! Infusing living spaces with plants has been around for a while now but the COVID-19 tumult has given everyone a green thumb!

There’s a new rush to be connected with nature – inside as well as outside. And what better way to spruce your living room, kitchen or work desk than with houseplants. Better air, higher productivity and calmer moods – get a plant (or ten!) and rejuvenate your home even on a budget.

Need to carve out a section in the living room for office space? Be creative! Install a plant wall or stack up a shelving unit with potted greens and create a stunning screen. Greens and fairy lights make for a delightful bed canopy! Lucky enough to have a staircase or a balcony in your HK apartment? Elevate it with vine garlands for a dreamy effect. Get tropical prints on cushion covers and throws, or invest in botanical wallpapers and hand painted nature-inspired murals; or go big with a vertical garden in your living space.


3. Multi-purpose Furniture


Multi-functional spaces and contemporary furniture which accommodates functionality, luxury and comfort will be key to home-layouts. Because let’s face it, even when the pandemic is under control, we will continue to work from home in some capacity.

Options here- a modern vanity table in the bedroom which can double up as a work desk – fantastic for doing hair, makeup, crafts and zoom calls all from one place!

Look at this beauty – good looking, sturdy and practical – the ladder desk with wall shelves ticks all the right boxes for a refreshing, quiet corner. Kinda gives the impression that you don’t live to work, right?


A ladder desk which doesn’t take too much room and is irresponsibly gorge!


A corner high-bar table for the living room which doubles as a standing desk is a winner, especially when all those hours of slouching do a number on your back!


Tables which serve as work desks, bar tables and then some…


Chic, ergonomic desk chairs which can double up as extra seating for the living room will also reign in 2021. The idea is simple- purposeful spaces where multiple work corners can be carved throughout the home so several members of the fam can work without bothering each other are a growing trend. We told you first!


4. Sage Green


Move aside millennial pink, we’re crushing over sage green now!


Soothing, refreshing, some would even say, the new ~neutral~

What’s not to love about this sophisticated shade of pale green!

2021 is bringing out our innate desire to hold on to the great outdoors. Whether it’s dull, muted, mossy doors, velvety sage green accents in each room, serene fabric sofas, textured earthy walls for some depth or the hard-to-miss metallic shade of sage green kitchen cabinetry. It’s literally everywhere.

This shade of green is the right pop of colour, versatile, easy to style and mixes well with marbles, wood and even metallic textures. And looks classy just about everywhere.


5. Screens and Dividers


Rattan is rage right now! In fact, jute, cane and bamboo, all sustainable materials have all made a BIG comeback


Separating spaces is top priority in 2021. No wonder screens and dividers are having a decor moment!

Gone are the days when screens were used for purely ornamental ways. Now that homes are serving a multitude of functions, we need them for carving out zones, adding privacy and dampening that background noise.


6. Setting a Zoom Frame


Less is more when it comes to zoom backgrounds!


Zoom meets are the new phone calls!

Those of us with kids know all too well that the house doesn’t stay clean and clutter-free all day. That’s basically why crafting dedicated, aesthetically-pleasing zoom frames in your WFH space is super important.

There are a ton of ideas to inspire you – neatly done diffused string lights in the background to decorating with houseplants or stacking a few handsome books – nothing too personal or too busy in the frame. Keep it minimalistic and clean – that’s the key to a grown-up, professional look.