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Tips for Moving With Pets

Nest Property


Moving can be a very stressful time for anybody but even more so for pets. There’s a lot of movement, noises and changes that can be a scary experience for your fur babies. Here are some tips to make the move more comfortable for them.




Pet Carrier & Crate | Tips for Moving with Pets Hong Kong | Nest Property


A few weeks before moving day, pets should be familiarised with their carriers or crates if not already. This will help them feel more comfortable when it comes time for them to be transported. If at all possible, they should be transported by you.




Familiar Area | Tips for Moving with pets Hong Kong | Nest Property


Before movers arrive, be sure to pick one room of your new home to make as comfortable as possible for your pet. Give them a bed, food, water and toys so that they will be disturbed as little as possible while the movers are in and out and while you sort out and unpack the rest of the house. This will also give them a sense of familiarity and a safe space to be in.





For the next few weeks after moving, try your best to stick to a routine. If you used to take your dog for a walk at 10h00 everyday, then do try and stick to that everyday. It can be difficult as there is so much else to do but will help your pet adjust better.





Cats may be tempted to runaway back to your previous home. It is a mystery how they can travel great distances and make it back. To avoid this, make a comfortable spot in your new house for your cat. Make sure to keep them inside for at least two weeks. This will help familiarise them with their new home and recognise it as such and not have the urge to return to the previous house.