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Sustainable Fashion Brands To Shop In Hong Kong

Nest Property


Every year in Hong Kong, 110,000 tonnes of textile garments are sent to landfills.

Just Hong Kong alone. Mind-boggling!

If you’ve seen David Attenborough’s documentary Life on Earth, you know there is a climate emergency at our doorstep and time is ticking for the planet. Sustainability cannot be just a trend. It has to be a lifestyle if the planet and us are to have a future.

So the big question: How can we be more conscious and reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to fashion?

We’ve curated a list of top local brands which are championing the green fashion movement and paving the way for a better tomorrow. They need your support.


1. Angus Tsui


Designs which are born from a zero-waste perspective, creativity and futurism!


Sleek, stylish and the epitome of sustainable fashion. Angus Tsui is a champion in pushing the local apparel industry to a greener tomorrow.

Gone are the days when eco-clothing meant shapeless silhouettes, unstructured hippie cuts. A look at Angus’ designs and you’ll know that sustainability and style are not mutually exclusive anymore.

The young designer is pushing the chic avant-garde fashion with a zero-waste policy and is known to upcycle every piece of clothing in his collection. Loved by fashionistas for the creations that speak to the future and their joyful vibe, the designer also runs an educational charity project on the side dedicated to the sustainability movement.


2. Cosmos


Ethical and cruelty-free, Cosmos apparels produce zero waste water


A conscious fashion brand founded in Hong Kong with a minimalist style, Cosmos has made its mission to upgrade your everyday look to an eco-friendly alternative.

The t-shirt in the picture above is made with 9 disposable plastic bottles and 50 grams of bamboo, with zero waste water. How cool is that!

What started with a project on Kickstarter to make the most sustainable shirt in the world, is now a full-fledged studio with a variety of classic, timeless and disruptive styles.

3. Tove & Libra


With three generations of manufacturing expertise, the brains behind Tove & Libra are here to undo the damaging practices of commercial fashion!


Tove & Libra is all about clean, essential fashion that you feel chic and comfortable in. The Scandinavian-inspired label uses ethical and natural materials to create womenswear which doesn’t cost an arm and leg!

Founders Ivan and Christine believe that every scrap has a purpose and have created an effortless range of easy, go-to pieces and timeless classics with fabrics that are perfect for Hong Kong’s humid weather. Most of their clothes can be seamlessly mixed and matched for maximum multi-way dressing and minimum carbon footprint.


4. PYE


The brand ethos is about transparency and sustainability at its core!


Pioneers in producing high quality, timeless, simple yet structured crisp cotton shirts for men, PYE is run on a sustainable seed-to-shirt philosophy.

Helmed by Dee Poon, daughter of Harvey Nichols owner Dickson Poon and Esquel Group chairman Marjorie Yang, the group has brought in state-of-the-art technology and a complete control over the supply chain to produce garments with integrity, whilst reducing their waste, energy consumption and hazardous dyes.

From farmers to factory workers to suppliers and retailers, every member involved in the garment production has their rights and safety ensured at PYE.


5. A.C.F. Clothing


Sustainable, vegan and gender-neutral fashion, which ships worldwide using compostable mailers and carbon-neutral shipping option so you can look good with a good conscience!


A.C.F. is churning out chic and environmentally conscious streetwear. The brand philosophy – sustainability should be the norm, a requirement, not a courtesy – totally wins our hearts!

They use dead stock from manufacturers to upcycle it into bold, gender-neutral streetwear for millennials. Their garments are 100% vegan but the fabric is not organic, which means it won’t biodegrade completely; but on the bright side it means you’re getting longer shelf life on your clothes.