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Stunning Wedding Venues in Hong Kong

Nest Property


Finding a unique and beautiful space for your wedding in Hong Kong can be challenging due to the city’s limited space. However, there are some alternative wedding venues available which are equally as stunning as the conventional venues. In this post, we will share some of our favourite wedding venues.




Elegantly styled wedding reception area.


It can be challenging to find event venues with a rich historical background, which makes this military bunker from before World War II, now transformed into a modern wine cellar and recognised by UNESCO as an Asia Pacific Heritage site, even more unique. The most notable feature of this venue is the 1,500-square foot conservatory designed in a colonial style, which provides ample natural light.

Find out more here.




A beautiful beach wedding setup.


Bathers, a waterfront restaurant situated on Lantau’s Lower Cheung Sha Beach, offers stunning sea views and sandy surroundings. The team at Bathers consists of seasoned experts in various aspects of wedding planning, such as event coordination, audio-visual needs, and conceptualisation and adornment of the occasion.

Find out more here.



3. FWD HOUSE 1881

Couple getting married in a beautiful garden.


FWD House 1881 is an ideal wedding venue for those seeking a Victorian-era ambiance. Situated in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, it offers ample space for both grand and intimate ceremonies. The courtyard and Moon Garden, in particular, are exquisite choices for a wedding ceremony.

Find out more here.




Wedding couple toasting each other.


One-Thirtyone is located in the charming Three Fathoms Cove of Sai Kung Bay. The property occupies a three-story Mediterranean-style house that overlooks green lawns. The spacious front lawn is suitable for small helicopter landings, while the private dock provides a convenient spot for yacht moorings.

Find out more here.




Stunning wedding decor on a lake


With its mesmerizing all-white façade, The Lake House is a sight to behold. Its waterfront is an ideal setting for weddings, and Le Vow and Billow is available for arranging banquet dinners or lunches.

Find out more here.