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Stunning Waterfall Hiking Trails in Hong Kong

Nest Property


The heat and humidity are just part and parcel of living in Hong Kong, so any hiking trail with a refreshing water stop is always welcome. Not to mention a beautiful treat for the eyes. Go and explore some of these easy waterfall hikes!




Sai Kung

Sheung Luk Stream | Waterfall Hikes in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Located just beyond the beachside village of Sai Wan, the pools can be found by heading up Sheung Luk stream, which is peppered with small basins and cold, clean waterfalls. It’s an easy one-hour hike in with decent views overlooking the High Island Reservoir as the trail wraps through the East Country Park.




New Territories 

Ng Tung Chai | Waterfall Hikes in Hong Kong | Nest Property


The spectacular waterfalls comprising Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls (Bottom, Middle, Main and Scatter) lie in the foothills of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s tallest peak. The soothing sight and sound of the ever-rushing waterfalls will have a calming effect on even the most restless of minds. Offering a stunning backdrop to photographs and videos. Wind your way along the sometimes steep and challenging trail to reach them.





Silvermine Waterfall | Waterfall Hikes in Hong Kong | Nest Property


The Silver Mine Waterfall at Mui Wo, eastern Lantau, is one of the most easily reached of Hong Kong’s best waterfalls. It’s accessible by strolling gentle trails, passing by the beach, village houses, and through fields and woodland. Like all our waterfalls, it’s best just after, or even during, spells of heavy rain.




Sai Kung

Ma Dai Stream | Waterfall Hikes in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Inside the Ma On Shan Country Park, amid craggy cliffs is a magnificent waterfall so well-hidden that one could enjoy a dip in privacy. It’s a 20 minute walk up a concrete path where you’ll reach a stream scattered with big rocks smoothed by the cascading water. The climb up the creek takes another 20 minutes.  It’s quite a workout scrambling over all the rocks, but it’ll be worth it when you reach the destination and see the waterfall and rock pool.