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Schooling In Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s educational system ranks among the world’s best which also makes it extremely competitive due to limited spaces. The options in schooling curriculum offer wonderful options for Western based learning of diversity and range with the Eastern flavour of strong mathematical influence.

Many of the schools in Hong Kong have strict admission policies that require several rounds of interviews. When applying to Hong Kong schools, make sure you weigh up your options and start the application process early.

Pre-schools (age 3-5)

It’s best to find a preschool depending on where you live. Preschools in Hong Kong normally accept children aged 3 to 5 in both morning and afternoon groups for parental convenience. Choices include Carmel School at One Robinson Place – a Jewish operated US style curriculum (English and Hebrew based) for kids 3 to 13. Another is City Kids HKPPA Preschool at 12 Borrett Rd which delivers two programs for toddlers up to 3 years old and another program for toddlers aged 3 to 6. The curriculum is heavily influenced by New Zealand early childhood development foundations.

See our comprehensive list of more preschools:

English Schools Foundation

We recommend ESF (English Schools Foundation) for expats looking for a international education system for their children. All students at English Schools Foundation primary schools engage with the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP) which is an international, trans-disciplinary programme designed to foster the development of the whole child, not just in the classroom but also through other means of learning. Taken from their homepage – “ESF is the largest provider of international education programmes in Hong Kong which operates five secondary schools, nine primary schools and a school for students with special educational needs across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.”

See all the following schools within the English Schools Foundation:

International School Systems (Ages vary depending on school)

The International schools of Hong Kong usually identify with a particular country (such as Singapore, Canada or France) and offer separate English and foreign-language sections. There are also an increasing number of schools that emphasize a compulsory Mandarin Chinese component, reflecting Mandarin’s growing influence in Hong Kong. Finally, some schools are non-denominational, while others are grounded in a certain faith – although few emphasize it enough to be a deterrent for nonpractitioners.

International School system options include; Australian International School – Primary & Secondary School located at 3A Norfolk Road, Kowloon Tong. The school utilizes an Australian and Asian influenced curriculum.

Please see the following list of International Schools in Hong Kong: