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Realising That 2022 Is Pronounced “2020 Too”!

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It’s scary how quickly the past two years have flown by since COVID hit us and to think that this pandemic is far from over. Let’s embrace the new year with love for ourselves and others, with gratitude, and healthy goals.

Here are a few ideas for mindful resolutions.







Let’s not set unrealistic goals for ourselves. SMART is a fun little acronym that is explained by Paul J. Meyer in his book “Attitude Is Everything: If You Want to Succeed Above and Beyond.” SMART breaks down goals into five parameters:
• Specific: your goal is ultra-specific and clear.
• Measurable: there’s a way to track the progress of your goal.
• Achievable: you’re able to complete your goal.
• Relevant: your goal matters to you and makes sense with your life.
• Time-bound: your goal has an end date to work towards.





Practicing gratitude is a fantastic way to reflect positively on your current circumstances. This isn’t toxic positivity — practicing gratitude is more about finding the little things to be thankful for everyday to build a more confident, self-assured mindset. Try, first thing in the morning, journaling at least two things that you are grateful for today. It will get your day off to a good start.





Many people set diet and exercise goals for themselves that lead to disappointment and kill self-confidence. When it comes to nutrition, it’s a lot more complicated than cutting out certain foods and eating “healthy” things. In fact, cutting out foods is unrealistic, and sets a negative mindset around food that can become toxic very quickly. So, instead of going on a hugely restrictive “diet” plan why not just try eating a bit healthier and enjoy making the meals that you cook. As long as you are happy and getting healthy at the same time, that’s what should really count.





Not all of us have green thumbs but gardening can be beneficial to our mental health (as well as bringing more O2 into our homes). Try your hand at growing indoor house plants, air plants (you practically do nothing!), or even try a small herb box. It’s a rewarding feature to have in your home.





Shake things up a bit by setting a goal to try something new every month. If you’re a foodie, consider trying a new restaurant, recipe, or ingredient. Or perhaps you want to get fit in the New Year, try another fitness class you haven’t done before, or hike somewhere you haven’t been yet. Perhaps you could get those creative juices flowing and create something new; like trying a pottery class to make a decorative bowl. Whatever goal you pick, start small, and work up from there. It will keep things interesting and you may even pick up a new hobby that you love.





Let’s not punish ourselves over new year goals. If we approach them with self-compassion, we allow ourselves to set realistic goals that align with a vision of our future. Slip-ups are okay. Nobody is perfect, and a lapse in your goal-reaching doesn’t mean you’ve failed. As long as you are taking care of yourself in the process, you’re doing a great job at making the new year a good one. Take a bit more time for yourself if you need to. If it means a candlelit bath or saying no to social events to recharge. You’ll find that spending some quality time with yourself will lift your mood.


Whatever your goals, inspirations, and aspirations for 2022 are, may you bring in the New Year with lots of love and goodness, and may this year be one of enjoying the process of making it the best one yet.