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Private Member’s Clubs

Nest Property

Residential property in Hong Kong comes in all shapes and sizes, but more often than not apartment complexes here are vastly smaller than those around the world and don’t always offer the luxury of facilities within the building to take advantage of. For those looking for children’s activities, a fitness workout or a team sport to partake in, joining a private members’ club can be a great extension to one’s social life.

Membership clubs are a large part of Hong Kong’s recreation and social scene, dating back to the colonial era. All that being said and done, do bear in mind that today waiting lists to gain membership can be long — and prices can be sky-high! Like private international schools, many clubs have a debenture system as well as a secondary market that trades memberships at steep prices.If you weren’t born with two left feet and have a modicum of sporting prowess, be sure to enquire about joining a club as a ‘sporting’ member as this can significantly reduce the waiting period and joining fee.

To point you in the right direction, here’s our list of the best and/or most popular activities-based membership clubs in Hong Kong:

The American Club

The American Club boasts two clubhouse locations — the Town Club in the heart of Central and the County Club on the South-Side overlooking the beautiful Tai Tam Bay. The Country Club is the perfect spot for weekend family time — with a spa, swimming pool, basketball court, tennis and squash courts, there’s something for everyone in the family. The Town Club is catered more towards the busy Hong Kong businessman and offers several world-class dining options, a conference room and a fitness club.

The Aberdeen Marina Club

The Aberdeen Marina Club — managed by the Shangri-La hotel — is well regarded as one of Hong Kong’s most exclusive clubs. Members can enjoy a choice of six fine dining restaurants and an array of recreational activities. Facilities include a spa, hairdressers, ice-skating rink, bowling alley, two outdoors swimming pools and a state-of-the-art adventure zone, but to name a few. Along with these resort-style luxuries, members can also take advantage of a full service marina.

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club

The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club — set in a secluded part of Clearwater Bay — offers golf, marina and country club facilities. For the golfing enthusiast, there’s a spectacular 18-hole cliff-top course situated on the tip of the jaw-droppingly beautiful Clearwater Bay Peninsula, overlooking Ninepin Islands and beyond. The club has the usual array of facilities, including tennis, squash and badminton courts, a swimming pool, gym, indoor play area, several restaurants, an 8,000 square foot spa and even its own organic farm.

The Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC)

The Hong Kong Cricket Club (HKCC) — nestled in the hills above Happy Valley — boasts a large cricket ground complete with practice nets and the territory’s only indoor cricket facility. The club also hosts a number of British sports courts — for lawn bowling, netball and rugby — and offers the usual array of club facilities such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, tennis and squash courts.

Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC)

Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) — sits in the heart of Happy Valley and offers the best and most comprehensive selection of pitches and grounds for a range of sports teams, including football, rugby, netball and hockey. The club also has a host of indoor sports facilities, as well as a bowling alley, snooker room, golf simulator and fitness center. For when not on the pitch, members can enjoy a drink or dinner from one of their bars and restaurants, or head to steam room to soak away any aches and pains.

Ladies Recreation Club (LRC)

Ladies Recreation Club (LRC) located on Old Peak Road, is the most centrally located and all-inclusive family-based club in Hong Kong. It’s core sporting strengths lie in squash, tennis and swimming. With 10 tennis courts —the most number of courts in the region — this club is well known as ‘the’ tennis club of Hong Kong. This newly renovated club also offers indoor and outdoor 25m lap pools, a bowling alley, movie gallery, library, spa and more. Most games can be enjoyed from one of the club’s restaurants, bars or terrazzo, which overlook the central courts.

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club is for members whose interests lie in sailing and rowing. This is the only club to boast three locations all offering water facilities — Causeway Bay, Repulse Bay and Sai Kung. On offer to members and non-members are a variety of courses for those looking to enhance their sailing experience, with the rental of dinghies at no extra cost. Other recreational facilities include a swimming pool, bowling alley, gym, squash courts and restaurants.

When considering which club to join in Hong Kong, be sure to ask your knowledgeable Nest Property agent who’ll be able to offer more valuable information. Choosing the right club or the right school for you and your family is as personal and sensitive a choice as selecting the right rental home or piece of real estate to buy in Hong Kong. We want you to have all the information at your fingertips.