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What You Do Makes a Difference
Your Focus Determines Your Reality
Let Go of the Things You Cannot Change

Pick Me Up Podcasts

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If the world has been weighing a little heavy on you lately and you’re lacking the motivation and inspiration that you need, then give these podcasts a listen. We have picked out some good ones to lift your spirits and get you back into your groove.


Pick Me Up Podcasts | Nest Property





Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus make an inspirational podcast that so many people need to hear. The Minimalists is all about how to live a meaningful life with less. In a world of excess, this podcast is like a breath of fresh air. The episodes on this list are a great source of motivational quotes and ideas. They also aim to make the listener want more, which is quite clever. The Minimalists strive towards allowing one to be happy with what they have and leave out the extra stuff.




Whether you’re in a growth slump or just need an extra boost of confidence and inspiration to scale-up your life, Lewis Howes, host of The School of Greatness, will give you everything you need, and then some. Through his own experiences and interviews with influential people, Howes shares stories about facing loss, dreaming big, becoming a champion, attracting wealth, and setting yourself up for success, with the hope of helping you find your sense of purpose.




If you’ve ever wanted to create more happiness in your life, then The Happier Podcast is for you. Host, Gretchen Rubin, examines daily habits and the role they play in the overall quality of your life. From work and friendships to productivity and creativity, Rubin uses humour and human nature to deliver simple tips that can help you live a happier life.




If you’re into your food, then you’ll probably like this one. Each week on Spilled Milk, hosts Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton pick a food topic and run with it as far as they can.