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Netflix Shows This February in Hong Kong 2024

Nest Property

Fill your watchlist with Netflix’s latest releases. From a UFO cult exposé to gripping Korean and Thai dramas, indulge your interests with fresh binges. Don’t miss our top picks spanning thrilling titles to mellow romances, including the anticipated The Last Airbender adaptation. Let these new shows maximise your entertainment.

01. Let’s Talk About Chu

Via National World

This Taiwanese drama centres on part-time vlogger Chu Ai, who openly discusses sex online despite her conservative upbringing. Though portraying confidence and experience to her followers, she privately struggles with familial relationships and romantic disillusionment. As the show progresses, she journeys towards self-discovery, grappling with her identity both on and offline. This show explores the complex gap between virtual personas and inner vulnerable truths.

02. Raël: The Alien Prophet

Via IMDb

The docu-series Rael: The Alien Prophet dives into the enigmatic leader behind the controversial UFO cult. The show illuminates the origins and questionable evolution of this UFO-based religion. The show provides an in-depth look at the perplexing figure who built a peculiar following based on extraterrestrial events.

03. One Day


The film One Day chronicles the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew, who first connect on the night of their college graduation in 1988. After that fateful encounter on July 15th, Emma and Dexter’s paths diverge as real life sets in. Yet despite distance and other relationships, the two reunite year after year on the same date, with each July 15th marking another chapter in their unfolding bond. Based on David Nicholls’ best-selling novel.

04. House of Ninjas


Throughout history, ninjas have captured fascination with their stealthy skills and enigmatic ways. This compelling lore has spawned countless on-screen portrayals over the years. Now we ask – what if modern-day ninjas still walk among us, hidden in plain sight?

Releases: Thursday, 15th February 2024

05. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Via GadgetMatch

In a live-action rendition of the beloved animated series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender” tracks Aang’s journey to master the four elemental forces (Water, Earth, Fire, Air) in order to bring harmony back to the world.

Releases: Thursday, 22nd February 2024