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Mix and Match – Your Private Oasis

Nest Property

We are big fans of tasteful homes, especially interiors that tell a story. We especially resonate well with interiors that reflect the personalities, experience, and tastes of their owners – naturally, we tend to gravitate towards interiors that feel collected and layered. Domaine Home does a perfect job of showcasing some amazing interiors that mix styles perfectly.

The easiest way to create one such space is to use a thoughtful combination of furniture, textiles, and accessories of different shapes, scales, materials, time periods, and styles. To the beginner decorator or one not accustomed to combining differing looks, the idea can be daunting but as you can see in these chic spaces, the payoff is worth the risk.

PHOTO: Paul Raeside for Architectural Digest

In this bedroom, vintage Moroccan rugs pair with more polished pieces like a French side chair and ornate framed mirror positioned on an easel. A rustic console accessorized with organic pieces introduces a casual element while the sleek, minimal four-poster bed provides contemporary contrast.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Alexander Design

In this beachside home, casual shapes and fabrics are balanced by more harsh, industrial-influenced dining chairs. Highly textured Bamileke stools grouped to serve as a large coffee table contrast with streamlined upholstery, but again connect thanks to a neutral, consistent color story.

PHOTO: Clements Design

A mix of vintage and antique pieces are completely at home in this contemporary house, thanks again to a unified color story. A brushed finish on the pair of metallic lounge chairs harmonizes with the more rustic elements of this design, which enables them to feel unexpected rather than jarring.

PHOTO: Belathée Photography, designed by Brian Paquette

Turkish and Moroccan elements feel modern thanks to the industrial shelves and midcentury chaise in this cozy corner. Limited pattern and simple styling prevent the differing pieces from being too busy and again, a variety of texture unites rather than disjoins the various elements.