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Meals on Wheels

Nest Property

As the famous saying goes… you are what you eat!

Healthy eating and even preparing food in Hong Kong can be a struggle, with inflated prices on imported goods, alongside small kitchens, the thought of prepping your meals for the week certainly isn’t something we look forward to.
Introducing life-saving meal delivery plans. Perfectly portioned meals on wheels, great for time-pressed professionals or for shedding some of that extra holiday weight.

Set yourself up for success by organising your meals and put an end to the classic “I’ll start on Monday”.
In a city known for its dine-out culture we know how tricky it can be to stay disciplined, but these meal plans do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is the fun part of eating!



Tailor made programmes from easy, healthy lunch options to the full shebang of 3 meals a day!

Eatology’s meals are designed by renowned chefs, tested by dieticians, and prepared daily to keep your meals extra fresh!

Find a plan that suits you.


NOSH by Secret Ingredient

Nosh believe in smart food choices. They source the best ingredients to make sure each meal is just as delicious as the last and have all of their meals approved by dieticians.

Bonus: All their packaging is biodegradable!

Find the plan for you.


Nutrition Kitchen

Meal plans specially designed by qualified personal trainers who know exactly what it takes to build your dream physique. Whether you want to slim down, tone or bulk they have a plan to suit all.

Check out their ever-changing menus here.


Food Folk

Food Folk’s philosophy is to respect the living food ecosystem. They cook with whole foods, natural, non GMO plants and only cook with animals raised in their natural habitat by working alongside local farms.

Sustainable and healthy food!

Find out more here.