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Maximize Your Limited Space

Nest Property

Decorating a tiny city dwelling especially in Hong Kong can be a very daunting task. But luckily, thanks to Pop Sugar, this may inspire you to maximize your space without sacrificing style or function.

Stylist Andrew Stewart, head stylist from One Kings Lane stepped up to the challenge of maximizing a studio apartment into a functional and fabulous space.

1: Define the Entry

“In a one-room apartment, use a bold wallpaper in the entry area,” says Andrew. “It will help define it as a space separate from the living and sleeping areas. It also has a totally unexpected wow factor when you walk in.”


2: Hang Up Style

“For any small space, a coatrack can be a versatile place to hang everyday items like a bag but also use to permanently store some coats,” Andrew explains. “I chose a clean, modern style in brass.”


3: Add Statement Pieces

“Choose pieces that make a statement, even in a small space,” encourages Andrew. “The Lucite chairs were perfect here. They don’t take up much space, and you can squirrel a basket under them if you need to.”


4: Balance Storage and Display

“A bookshelf can work in two important ways in a compact apartment: first, as a storage unit, using baskets and boxes, and second, as a display area. Keep the balance two to one, storage to display,” Andrew advises.


5: Use Art to Distract

“Since the bookshelf functions as a catchall space for storage and display, adding art and objects will make it feel like less of a closet and more like a living room piece,” says Andrew.


6: Get Sneaky With Pretty Storage

“With a small space, don’t be afraid to let your bedroom storage spill over into your living area,” Andrew says. “I tucked baskets at the bottom of the bookcase so that they’re just out of sight. No one will ever know they have Winter sweaters in them.”


7: Divide Spaces With Furniture

“Use furniture, like this settee at the foot of the bed, to more clearly divide areas in small spaces,” says Andrew. “That way it doesn’t feel like one floating room. We layered some texture on the sofa for a richer, fuller look.”


8: Free Up Surfaces

“Think beyond surface space,” says Andrew of compact apartment living. “Sconces can easily replace bedside lamps, as the pair did here. Things get cluttered really quickly in a small space, so maximize vertical areas wherever you can.”


9: Maximize Forgotten Spaces

“For a tiny bedroom, underbed storage equates to extra closet space,” Andrew says. “Use pullout bins to stow away not-in-use Winter clothes and blankets. They can stay out of sight under the bed, but they’re still easy to access.”