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Mastering the Art of Working From Home

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Whilst working from home is the norm for plenty, some of us are still adjusting to this new way of working. Getting settled in your new ‘office’ and trying to find the perfect work-life balance can be difficult when your home becomes synonymous with work. That’s why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you maximise your space and maintain work productivity without removing the homely aspects. Whether it’s the dining table or spare bedroom doubling up as a home office, be sure to set clear boundaries between comfort and focus with some of our handy tips.

First things first…

(Good) Coffee

Most commutes offer an abundance of good coffee shops to choose from and get your morning fix. WFH on the other hand can be a different story which is why we suggest investing in a good quality coffee machine so you’re never too far away from that much-needed caffeine fix.

Comfy Loungewear

All-day comfort is the way forward, and probably one of the biggest perks of WFH. It’s no surprise the likes of Lululemon sales are exceeding expectations!

Portable Speaker / Headphones

Only when working from home will you realise how often the neighbours decide to renovate which makes for the perfect excuse to invest in some noise cancelling headphones. Not only will this drown out the drilling, it’s also a great way to block out distracting family members. If headphones aren’t for you, a portable speaker will also work wonders and might actually be a bit of a novelty being able to play your own music out loud for a change.


Eliminating distractions is near impossible when working from home. A quick episode on Netflix or even a bit of housework suddenly becomes very tempting. Keeping a routine will help make working from home simple and efficient:

  • Keep your work hours the same – as tempting as hitting that snooze button may be.
  • Take advantage of having no commute and use this time to start early – most people are more efficient in the morning.
  • If you’re at home with the family, set clear boundaries – no one wants a BBC news interview situation on their hands during their next Zoom call!
  • Exercise – step out for some fresh air or switch rooms and take some time out for a home work-out, yoga or meditation to break up the day.
  • Switch off after work and avoid mixing your work life. Consider clearing away anything work related so you can switch back into home mode (see below).

Design Elements

Natural Light (where possible)

When picking out your home, working from home may not have been your main criteria (if at all). You may have picked your home because of the awesome location, the spacious terrace or walk-in wardrobe. Not everyone checks what time of the day your space is flooded with natural light, but if you can find a spot where you can soak it up then we would set up camp there! If not, get your hands on a natural lighting desk lamp to brighten up the space.

Keep it Tidy

Make some space for any work files etc on a bookshelf or in drawers to avoid leaving work things out and allowing you to tidy the space each day. Remember this is still your home and no one wants to feel as if they are trapped in the office day and night — separate your work life from home life for a healthy work-life balance.

Find the right back-drop

With the rise of online meetings, it’s important to find a good back-drop in your house which keeps things looking nice and professional. You can’t go wrong with a clean, white wall or your favourite piece of art.

Room Scents

Create your calm to help keep you relaxed during a stressful day with some incense or diffusers. Working from home also allows for the option of candles which isn’t something you’ll see in most offices. We say take advantage of that and brighten up the mood a little.


Add some green elements to your house to help sooth the mind. In Hong Kong, fully-fledged gardens aren’t the norm but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the outdoors in. Not to mention, plants in your home office can do far more than make the place look pretty, they’re also known to improve air quality, reduce stress and simply make your office environment more pleasant.