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Luxury Cakeries in Hong Kong

Nest Property


We have picked out the best luxury cakeries in Hong Kong for you to try. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you need a beautiful cake for a birthday or event, these cakeries are sure to leave your mouth watering!




The Cakery | Luxury Cakeries Hong Kong | Nest Property


Striving to help you live a healthier and fitter life. Fulfill your sugar craving and have fun while doing it. Taking some of the healthiest ingredients, replacing refined sugar with natural sugars, increased the number of good fats and proteins to improve the overall nutritional profile of desserts, so you can enjoy your favorite dessert guilt-free. They offer a range of products that are organic, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Each of their products has a balance of macros and is nutrient-rich so you get a whole lot of goodness in every bite.

Visit their site here.




Date By Tate | Luxury Cakeries Hong Kong | Nest Property


Offering something a little more unique, the boutique may only offer a small selection of celebration cakes, but they’re all made to impress with poetic names such as Ode to Lotus Pond and more. With Tate Dining Room’s Vicky Lau and creative pastry chef Graff Kwok behind the lifestyle, home and pastry boutique, it’s no wonder Date by Tate’s cakes look as good as they taste.

Visit their website here.




Lady M | Luxury Cakeries Hong Kong | Nest Property


Well known for its light and creamy mille-crepes, Lady M is a popular patisserie in Hong Kong. Lady M also offers a whisky and dark chocolate mousse, a strawberry shortcake, and a Gâteau aux Marrons, amongst other delicious cakes. Minimalistic in design, flavours vary from fruit, tea, nuts, and chocolate.

Visit their website here.




Ms B's Cakery | Luxury Cakeries Hong Kong | Nest Property


Layers of light chiffon cake, crisp meringues, fresh fruits, and naturally flavoured mousses encased in freshly whipped cream come together in a play of unique flavour combinations and textures. Handcrafted to perfection, each cake is beautifully adorned with refined sugar art which creator Bonnae Gokson introduced to Hong Kong. The creative vision, immense dedication, painstaking manual labour, and attention to detail involved make them artistic collectibles for many customers.

Visit their website here.




Butterfly Patisserie | Luxury Cakeries Hong Kong | Nest Property


In the heart of Rosewood Hong Kong, this premium boutique cakery showcases signature chocolates crafted by our master chocolatiers, pristine pastries & desserts all lovingly made by their pastry chefs. Their online shop brings a taste of The Butterfly Patisserie to your home with their most-loved cakes, an ever-popular choice for gifting and family celebrations.

Visit their website here.