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Lockdown recipes to get stuck into!

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Being stuck indoors has become the unusual norm around the world, and during this time we’ve seen a huge boom in home baking, cooking and unusual culinary skills. Have you tried out these lockdown recipes yet?

Banana Bread

People seem to go bananas for Banana Bread; and we can see why. The recipes out there are never ending but if you haven’t given this classic a go then this is the perfect place to start. This simple cake, which requires minimal ingredients, is the perfect time buster.

Check out this easy recipe

Sourdough Starter

Another one that has taken over our Instagram feeds – who knew bubbling yeast would prove (pun intended) so popular? Whilst it may take a little more skill, a bit of babysitting and potentially a few goes, home-made sourdough is totally worth it. Top it off with some smashed avo and you’ll fancy yourself as the next Gordon Ramsey. It doesn’t end there either, these starters can become much more than classic sourdough, think crumpets and crackers.

Beginner sourdough starter recipe

Dalgona Coffee

If you don’t have that inner baker within, this one is probably one of the easiest trending recipes. It requires minimal effort by whipping coffee powder, sugar and hot water together and simply topping up with some milk – et voila! Add some cocoa powder or crumbled biscuits to make it all the more instagrammable.

Check out this super simple recipe


Kombucha has long been around and is well-known for its many supposed health benefits for instance, improving digestion, strengthening the immune system, reducing blood pressure and being detoxifying. Now, with plenty of time on our hands, when better to start fermenting your own tea to make Kombucha at home, and in even better news it’s slightly alcoholic!

Get started

Grow your own Veg

Even if you’re lacking in outdoor space, there’s plenty of innovative alternatives in the market these days to grow your own veg at home. Avoid soggy leaves from the supermarket fridge, not to mention it’s a great way to save money and time whilst staying environmentally friendly.

Indoor garden kits 

Homemade Pasta

Some things are worth the extra effort and, in our “new normal” where that next trip to Italy seems a lifetime away, there’s no better time to test your inner Italian. You’ll be surprised at how many variations there are that can all be done by hand!

Basic recipe for fresh pasta