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Let’s talk about cheese!

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Finding good cheese in Hong Kong can be a bit of a dreary task and when you do happen to stumble across a dreamy brie you’ll find yourself digging for gold to pay for it. Now put that nightmare behind you and check out Hong Kong’s not so best kept secret club – Cheese Club!


What is it?

An online ordering platform for all things dinner party esque. Whilst cheese is of course the main focus, no surprises there, you’ll also find a great selection of cold-cuts, fresh fruits, veg and wine. Cheese Club first came about when a Hong Kong based Frenchie realised how difficult it was to find affordable premium cheese in Hong Kong for his wedding and instead of bowing down to HK pricing, and limited choices, decided to import the cheese. Low and behold this all led to one of the greatest ideas and we now have the Cheese Club – the biggest importer and distributor of premium cheese in Hong Kong and our new go to.

How does it work?

Each month, Cheese Club put together a group purchase in bulk directly from European suppliers. The order window is open for 10 days each month to give you plenty of time to browse their new monthly offers and place your order. Once ordering closes it takes approximately 10 days before the cheese is delivered straight to your door chilled, ensuring optimum freshness, premium quality and delicious taste.


What’s on offer?

A wide range of cheeses to tickle your taste buds and the best part is that offers change each month based on seasonality and recommendations from the producers making all their picks ‘top picks’. Cheese Club doesn’t stop at just cheese and also offers a selection of wines (also great value!), jamon, saucisson, chutneys and more.

How to order?

Head over to Cheese Club’s website to find out more on when their next order window is and simply choose from their extensive list of over 50 different cheeses, wines, cold-cuts, sweet treats and more! If in the unlikely event they don’t have something you’re looking for, remember to check back on the following month’s order form as there are always new additions to choose from.


Why choose them?

Having pretty much every kind of cheese under the sun aside, the hassle-free ordering, affordable prices and made-to-order deliveries (eliminating the horrifying thought of cheese waste) makes Cheese Club a winner for us. Not to mention the delicious wines available!


Find out more on their website and check out this month’s order form!

You can also check out their Facebook or Instagram or call 2178 2229 for more info.