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Keep on Supporting Local Business in Hong Kong

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As many local businesses have struggled through this pandemic, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite local, home-grown talent. While not exhaustive, let’s show our support.





BeCandle is a fragrance product factory and lab located in the heart of Sai Kung. Based on the outskirts of Hong Kong, they produce in small batches with high-quality craftsmanship. BeCandle strives to create each piece with care and quality, using a blend of vegetal and soy wax, fine fragrances and essential oils from Europe housed in hand-blown glass vessels.

Shop BeCandle here.





The Lion Rock Press is a family business who specialise in premium  Hong Kong-inspired gifts and stationery. Every piece is designed to be used or played with, treasured or shared. “Family is absolutely the key to our success. My great-grandfather founded our paper business almost 120 years ago, and my 90 year-old grandfather and his brothers still work every day in the office. We are inspired by the lessons they teach us about the value of hard work and discipline.” – Claire Yates, The Lion Rock Press.

Shop The Lion Rock Press here.





WOMB exist to show better, more ethical alternatives to our daily consumption. Sustainability for WOMB is lack of cruelty in the creative process, be it when it comes to the materials sourcing or manual labour. Every brand they represent is closely assessed and can prove absolutely no cruelty or abuse on any of the steps of their value chain.

Shop WOMB here.





Subscription dog food to your door. The convenient, go-to supplier of healthy and nutritious food for your dogs. All handled online, let them know how much your dog needs, how often they need it, and they will take care of the rest! Nutritious, vet created food delivered to your door, every month. Meaning you don’t need to lift a finger or worry about running out – ever again! Alongside this, with your help, Buddy Bites partners with HK dog shelters to make their life easier. For every 2kg of Buddy Bites ordered, they donate 1kg to their dog shelter partners!

Shop Buddy Bites here.





ZeroYet100 is founded on the principle that natural is better. Their products are formulated with ingredients derived from nature with potent innate properties. Thus, nothing toxic yet totally effective. Our line is free of nasties (i.e. toxic and harmful chemicals) and our ingredient list is transparent and pure. The handcrafted products are then housed in recyclable or up-cyclable packaging and labelled with only lamination and plastic free paper product stickers.

Shop ZeroYet100 here.





Inspired by the rich, multicultural heritage of Hong Kong, SAU LEE is the answer to women around the world who have a love for fashion, a packed schedule, and a jet-setting lifestyle. A brand that delivers timeless pieces that can be worn season after season but look fresh every time. Designed with a unique East meets West aesthetic in mind and cut for the most flattering fit, the collection is a celebration of femininity with all its nuances.

Shop SAU LEE here.





513 Paint Shop  is a boutique paint shop that’s all about bringing brilliant colours and environmentally safe paints for your home and interiors. Colours are as natural a part in our lives as they exist in their full array in nature, and for this reason we see the significance in having beautiful palettes in your home. With our well crafted selections and beautifully designed solutions, we are here to offer individuals and designers the professional assistance they deserve in choosing the colours of paint and other home décor accessories they need for their projects.

Shop 513 Paint Shop here.





Newbury  provides comfortable yet stylish leather sneakers. Using hand-painted leather and suede cup sole sneakers, the brand fashions itself as elegant, traditional dress sneakers. Fine dress shoes for men compliment your style and make a strong statement of who you are.

Shop Newbury here.