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Isolation Done Right – HK’s Best Takeouts

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Staying in just got a whole lot easier with some of Hong Kong’s top restaurants now offering takeaway menus so social distancing no longer means missing out on your favourite flavours. Step away from the loungewear for a change and spruce up for a Michelin-starred evening in the comfort of your own home. To make things even easier, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites for you to take your pick.


One of the city’s favourite restaurants and a go-to brunch spot is now offering take-out. Delivery menus are set to change every fortnight so keep an eye out for your favourite classics, from honey-glazed pork, fried lobster with plenty of delicious dim-sum.

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Another Michelin starred restaurant to add to the list is Soho’s famous French bistro Belon. Chef Daniel Calvert has recently put together a swanky delivery only menu which includes homemade bread, their signature whole roasted chicken and Mille-feuilles. Not to mention his recommended bottle of pairing wine (don’t mind if we do!).

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New Punjab Club

The first Punjabi restaurant in Hong Kong that is recognised with a Michelin star can now be ordered right to your door. Great for sharing.

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For great steak, or to satisfy your burger cravings, look no further than Beefbar. Their top tip is to order your steak less cooked than you would usually go for so you can pop it back in the pan at home to reach true perfection. Either that or just to fool the rest of the family into thinking you’re a newfound Michelin starred chef.

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Avo Bar

The avo train still seems to be going strong and it certainly isn’t slowing down at Avo Bar (clue is in the name!). Founded in London, this in-vogue joint brings a new twist to the classics and there’s no need to skip the bun when it’s made of avo.

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Taqueria Super Macho

Tacos are always a great go-to for take-out and Taqueria Super Macho is now offering their chilled fiesta vibes direct to your door. Who doesn’t love tacos and salsa on the sofa accompanied by ready-made margaritas? Dig out the sombreros and create your own happy hour. Arriba!

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Chilli Fagara

Spice up your evening with delivery from the well-liked Sichuan restaurant Chili Fagara. Tuck into one of their many types of noodles, and choose the flavour you fancy, from mouth watering chilli to classic style dan dan noodles.

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