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Interior Decorators in Hong Kong

Nest Property


DIY can be fun but not everybody has the time or the know-how to get it done yourself. If you want your house to look stunning with immaculate interior design from professionals that will do it for you (so that you don’t have to), these interior designers are your go-to.




The Editors Company | Interior Decorators in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Your interior decorator will work with you one-on-one, learn your interior design style, and take your feedback along the way until you’re happy with your new home. For a flat fee of just $3,500 per room, the interior stylist at The Editors Company will guide you step-by-step in redecorating and refurbishing your space with full transparency throughout.


Find out more here.




B Squared Design | Interior Decorators in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Let B Squared Design take the stress and anxiety out of designing your home by guiding you through the entire process step by step. Your finished space will reflect you, but the heavy lifting (designing, planning, ordering, scheduling, installing) will be taken care of by them. Their goal is to give you an exceptional design experience based on collaboration, attention to detail, and mutual respect. From concept to completion, their full-service interior design process transforms your space into a cohesive, intentional, thoughtfully designed abode.

Find out more here.




Atlier Lane | Interior Decorators in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Whether you’re renovating your entire apartment or you’re going for just a specific room, Atelier Lane will take care of the space planning, interior architecture, interior styling, furniture selection and more. You’ll be working side-by-side with the interior designers throughout the process for a finish that marries traditional and contemporary designs.

Find out more here.




Bean Buro | Interior Decorators in Hong Kong | Nest Property


They are a Hong Kong based architecture & interior design studio with origins from France and Japan, founded by Lorène Faure and Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui. Their close-knitted team is composed of architects and interior designers with a network of specialists to create humanistic, refined and fresh aesthetics working across residential projects, retail, hospitality and art galleries.

Find out more here.