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Incoming! 2022 Decor Trends to Inspire

Nest Property


With more limitations on what we can and can’t do, staying home is the order of the day. So, let’s focus on making our home spaces beautiful as home is where we will be spending most of our time. It’s time to refresh our space.




Vintage Reclaimed | 2022 Decor Trends | Nest Property


Vintage pieces hold beautiful stories and by repurposing older pieces we drastically reduce our footprint as well, which is an added bonus to the environment. In the coming year, vintage and reclaimed furniture are making big moves for people wanting to be a bit more creative to make these new-to-them pieces feel like their own.




Curved Lines | 2022 Decor Trends | Nest Property


The sharp lines of mid-century modern will always be in, but more and more we’re seeing a softening of furniture silhouettes, with curved edges and feminine shapes rising to the forefront. Curves are bringing “sensual” back into decor for 2022.




Decorative Cabinets | 2022 Decor Trends | Nest Property


Clean and simple will always be there to make other aspects and pieces of a room stand out but why not make your cabinets centre stage for a change. Give your cabinets some texture by adding panels as a door detail, give them a glorious pop of colour or add unique handles. A tip for 2022: Bevelled shaker cabinets are making their way back in again.




Parisian Inspired | 2022 Decor Trends 2022 | Nest Property


Modern interpretations of Parisian-inspired designs are coming to the forefront as a popular home trend this year. Our passports may be collecting some dust but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a bit of Paris into our home to brighten up our space and give us a dreamy interior.




Colourful Tableware | 2022 Decor Trends | Nest Property


Tablescaping is quickly becoming an art form; an opportunity to show off your personal style and curation. This year is all about mix-and-match color. Tinted glassware and colourful, patterned dinnerware styles are going to be your best friends.