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Importing Pets to Hong Kong

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No one expects you to leave your pet when you move to Hong Kong! So we have a quick guide for all you need to know about bringing your pets to Hong Kong.

Before setting foot in Hong Kong, you have to apply for a Special Permit at a specified fee in order to bring your pet here. As with most countries, it will require specific documentation and necessary safety measures and pet health precautions.
Public Health (Animals and Birds) Ordinance Cap. 139, and the Rabies Ordinance Cap. 421 are enforced by this Department through regulating the import of animals and birds for the prevention and introduction of animal diseases including rabies into Hong Kong.

Application Procedures:

The applicant is required to submit the application form titled Form No. AF240
If the animals are imported for trading purpose, applicants must obtain an Animal Trader License in advance. For details, please visit and click to the link of animal business for information.

Dog licensing:

It is illegal to keep dogs aged over 5 months in Hong Kong without a licence. Therefore, you are advised to licence your dog at a licensing centre of the Agriculture & Fisheries Department (AFCD). No advance booking is needed and it only takes about 15 minutes. You can have your dog vaccinated and microchipped too.

List of Registered Veterinarians:

Hong Kong has a lot of veterinarians to offer your pet. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Registration Ordinance is a public list that shows qualified practitioners of veterinary surgery in Hong Kong. The following persons are registered veterinary surgeons as at the date printed at the bottom of the page.

Since 2008, practising veterinary surgeons are encouraged to complete at least 40 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit points over two years, the participation of which is on a voluntary basis. Veterinary surgeons who have fulfilled the CPD requirements of the Board are each awarded a CPD Certificate which can be displayed inside their practices, and allowed to include in their visiting cards the title 「CPD-certified (dd/mm/yy – dd/mm/yy)」.

Head on over to Veterinary Surgeons for a list of license veterinaries in Hong Kong.

Dog/Cat Adoption:

Of course you can always adopt a dog/cat when in Hong Kong. Adopting a dog brings joy to the world and you are definitely making a difference to society. But also bear in mind – it’s important you assess your home and lifestyle and ensure that you are ready for the responsibility of owning a dog. They not only require a good home, but plenty of exercise and fresh air; and especially attention! Once you are ready for pet adoption and all the responsibilities that come with owning a pet – there are many places that can help you find your perfect companion.

There are a abundance of places for adoption. To just name a few, see the following list below: