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Hotel Rooms to Inspire Your Own

Nest Property

There is much to be gleaned from the wonderful world of hotel design. A grand hotel room possesses a sexy allure and a signature luxury that often walks the line between hip and timeless. Color, mood, and practicality intermix seamlessly, from grandiose residences to modern suites. As efficient as they are iconic, these suites are full of ideas that you can translate into your own home. Keep scrolling for major inspiration.

Neutral earth tone colors with spacious living area and comfortable L-shaped sofa

The Mondrian London
Photo: The Mondrian London

Sleek masculine grays add sexy tension to an exuberant pink accent throw. This elegant and alluring abode is edited and peppered with unique, modern details, from the oversize black lacquered mirror to quiet accessories.

The Bowery Hotel
Photo: The Bowery Hotel

The Bowery Hotel’s iconic red blankets and throws are a nod to classic New York. Exposed brick walls, rich woods, and floral draperies with all the charm of an English garden bring about a clever mix of old and new. The vibe is as intoxicating and charismatic as the city itself.

The Connaught
Photo: The Connaught design by David Collins

Designer David Collins harmoniously integrates well-cultured décor and lush pastels in this calm space. The penthouse apartment at London’s luxurious Connaught hotel is as polished and chic as its clientele. Plus, the soothing tones in shades of violet and gray are remarkably sublime.

Le Royal Monceau
Photo: Le Royal Monceau design by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck weaves his signature magic through the rooms and suites of Le Royal Monceau. In the heart of Paris, the color palette is appropriately romantic and divinely chic. Calming hues and lavish textures of velvet and marble evoke an ultra-luxurious mood.

The Upper House, Hong Kong
Photo: The Upper House Hong Kong

Undeniably, for our Hong Kong readers – we must share our personal favorite hotel room which is the suites at The Upper House. The suites at Upper House boast a 1,230 sq ft living space with captivating views of Hong Kong’s skyline. All the furniture is bespoke, including the L shaped sofa in the spacious living room and chsioins next to the window where you can lounge and read whilst looking out over Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

The bathrooms are spa-inspired and come equipped with walk-in rain showers to really reinvigorate and relax.