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Hong Kong Hiking

Nest Property

Hiking is easily Hong Kong’s number one go to activity. Most weekends a hike will be amongst the plans. Whether it’s a nice and easy hike to get out and about or something for the hardcore hikers… Hong Kong caters for everyone’s needs!

Dragon’s Back

Probably Hong Kong’s most popular hike and an all time favourite. The stunning views over the beaches and golf course never fail to amaze, and the bonus is you end up at the beach (what more could you want?).
We would recommend setting off early to avoid the crowds and give yourself more time to chill out on the beach and grab a well deserved cold one.

The Peak

If you have visitors in town, The Peak is must! No one enjoys the endless queues waiting to jump on the over-crowded peak tram, so this is a great way to avoid them and take your visitors on a more scenic route. This nice and easy hike only takes a couple of hours.

We would recommend setting off late afternoon so that you can enjoy the sunset over the harbour once you reach the top.


MacLeHose Stage 1 + 2 

Another well loved hike in Hong Kong. Pack your swimwear for the beautiful waterfall pit stop mid way, which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for round two of the hike. If you enjoy camping, Ham Tin beach (where the trail leads you to) is a great spot to finish up and set up camp. There is a quaint local restaurant at the beach who provide all the camping gear you need, so there’s no need to carry that extra weight. And even better, if you don’t fancy doing the hike back, you can jump on a speedboat back to the pier (very 007!)


Lion Rock

Like most things in life, if you want the best you have to work for it. If you venture over to New Territories (on a clear day!), the views will not disappoint. Once at the top you will feel on top of the world with views over Kowloon right to Hong Kong Island including the infamous Victoria Harbour. A truly picturesque moment not to be missed.