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Go-to Furniture Shops in Hong Kong 2024

Nest Property

Elevate your interior design game and have a look at these fantastic shops to get what you need. Whether you are seeking sofas, soft furnishings, ceramics or more, these stores are sure to have a wealth of stylish options for crafting your dream abode.

01. TREE

TREE via Facebook

TREE offers a truly personalised home design experience, inviting you to curate a uniquely stylish living space. Whether browsing their 25,000 sq. ft. Horizon Plaza flagship or shopping online, discover their signature eco-wood collections alongside an exquisite array of sofas, sofa beds, and handcrafted decorative accessories. TREE is your one-stop destination to bring your interior visions to life with distinctive, sustainable flair.

Shop online here.

02. BoConcept

BoConcept via Facebook

BoConcept brings the essence of contemporary Scandinavian design to Hong Kong with its sleek and timeless furniture offerings. From ergonomic home office chairs and sophisticated sofas to chic storage solutions, their collections epitomise understated elegance. Elevate your space by tapping into BoConcept’s expert in-home or in-store interior design services for professional home restyling guidance that perfectly blends form and function.

Shop online here.

03. Indigo Living

Indigo Living via Facebook

Indigo Living is a playground for those seeking vibrant pops of colour, bold patterns, and luxuriously comfortable furniture. Their signature collections invite you to embrace eye-catching flair, while infusing personality and vibrancy into your living spaces. Elevate your interiors with Indigo Living’s curated offerings that seamlessly blend style and comfort.

Shop online here.

04. Staunton & Henry

Wool via website

Defying modern consumerism, Wool curates a thoughtful collection of up-and-coming Nordic furniture brands exclusive to Asia. Founded in 2017 as a B2B sales agency, Wool now champions a “shop less, but better” philosophy by offering heirloom-quality pieces designed to stand the test of time. Invest in these timeless, sustainable designs that will elevate your spaces for years to come.

Shop online here.

05. Archetypal

Archetypal via Facebook

Archetypal transcends the ordinary design store, curating an alternative and contemporary assortment of furniture, lighting, and home accessories that push creative boundaries. From renowned global brands to emerging design talents, their eclectic offerings span the gamut, allowing you to craft a space that is uniquely expressive and design-forward. Archetypal empowers you to surround yourself with bold, cutting-edge pieces that ignite inspiration.

Shop online here.