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Go Heavy On Metal

Nest Property

In years past, mixing metals in interiors was a fashion faux pas but these days any combination goes and teaming opposites such as gold and silver is actively encouraged. Balance is essential, however. Too much gold, for example, can look gaudy; an overload of silver may make a room feel cold. Get it right and your home will look dramatic, dynamic and extremely elegant.
Introduce the timeless tone of gold as an accent colour to help lift a neutral scheme. In the dining area, consider the eye-catching Forest Gold Chandelier as the focal point of the room and echo it with matt gold and brass details layered throughout the space. Choose from the imposing Sticks Oval Dining Table with its matt brass legs, the Morocco Table Lamp, the Gold Rectangular Wall Mirror and the Nevada Lanterns according to how much metal you wish to include.

Matt gold and brass exude warmth while maintaining a contemporary edge but never more so when paired with all shades of grey. Consider adding slivers of gold and brass to a predominantly pale grey and silver room. Contemporary lighting (Bold Bang Pendant Light), Asian-inspired vases (Osaka Vase), a Moroccan cabinet (Gold Stencil Cabinet) and an Art Deco-style trolley (Deco Trolley with Cigar Leather) are all very different but work well together in matt gold. If you decide to match your metallics, why not mix your styles?

Accessories are a brilliant way to ease into the mixed metallics trend. From quirky ornaments such as the Brass Lobster to the slender gold frame around the Rectangular Floor Mirror. Think about scattering a few gold metal trays on coffee tables or consoles (Turtle Tray, Fruit Leaves Tray), place brushed brass or gold lighting (Volta Table Lamp) adjacent to silver photo frames (Chloe Silver Frames) and have fun with cushion combinations

Hot and cold

For maximum visual impact, mix cool metals (silver and nickel) with warm (gold, brass and bronze): bring pale grey chairs or a rug into a space dominated by gold elements or go big on silver with a few gold or brass accents.

Soft focus

Balance the hardness of metallics with lots of different, softer textures such as velvet and wool.

Be quiet

When incorporating a lot of metallic pieces into one room, keep the rest of the colour scheme fairly subdued.