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Getting Groceries to your Door!

Nest Property

If we could fault living in Hong Kong, and trust me it’s hard, one thing we would put in room 101 would be the hot and humid walks carrying a ridiculous amount of shopping bags in attempt to do a grocery shop!

Luckily Hong Kong now has a wide selection of online delivery services so it’s now something that we can avoid at all costs, and we will! Keep scrolling for our list of delivery options.


For the Meat Lovers

Meatmarket HK

With a huge selection of imported meats, Meatmarket is a great choice. Looking to plan ahead for your week? Or fancy hosting that BBQ you’ve been putting off? With bulk orders available they’ve got you covered!


Famer’s Kitchen

If you’re from down-under this one’s for you. Truly tasty 100% Aussie meat which is shipped to you fresh, and most importantly, in an ethical and sustainable way. Throw another shrimp on the barbie, Sheila!


Go Green

Homegrown Foods

As a supplier of many of Hong Kong’s well-loved restaurants, Homegrown foods is up there with the best. They are dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle with premium clean food straight from their farms to your door. A great option for some responsible and guilt free grocery shopping.


Jou Sun

At Jou Sun they source all their food locally and ensure that all their partners are thoroughly vetted making sure you get only the best quality. They also offer same day delivery so you now that order is as fresh as it gets!

Check out their vendors on their website.


For the health conscious


For all the supplements and well-known branded groceries, iHerb is the one. Unlike most online stores that provide health supplements, beauty products and vitamins, iHerb has extremely competitive prices so you can order away without feeling ripped off.



In a world where food allergies are becoming more common, HK isn’t quite up to speed with available options. NutriAlley will save you the frustration of traipsing around countless shops in a bid to find something suitable.

HK Classic


Order from one of your favourite HK grocery stores and let one of the HonestBee team to the legwork for you. Who doesn’t love a personal shopper?

Check out their partner stores on their website and get clicking.


For the homesick

British Essentials

We’ve all been there where we miss the taste of home. In Hong Kong most foreign products are fairly easy to find. However, one thing that is always a struggle is British chocolate and there’s no denying but there’s no chocolate that can compare.



We get it, you’re French and your food is superior! Whether you’re thirsting for Badoit or Bandol, can’t find the right moutarde à l’ancienne or sour enough cornichons, Mordicus, the online French grocer can assist. They stock Carrefour, Reflets de France and AB (Agriculture Biologique) products, among many others and won’t disappoint for those sorely missed French comfort goods.