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Friends, Food & Sunshine! Let’s Take Things Outdoors

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Take full advantage of Hong Kong’s stunning autumn weather and get together outside for a picnic. We have picked out some of Hong Kong’s best picnic spots. So pack your picnic lunch and call up your friends for a relaxed afternoon under the sun.






The Kwun Tong Promenade is an approximately 1 km long waterfront boardwalk that runs alongside the Kwun Tong Bypass road. The waterfront is mostly wooden deck and runs in a straight line. There is an adjacent strip of grass and trees offering a bit of shade. On sunny days, visitors are afforded very nice views of the sea and skylines in the distance.

LOCATION: Hoi Bun Rd, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong





Inspiration Lake, also known as Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre, boasts the largest artificial lake in Hong Kong, a boating centre, arboretum, jogging trail and a children’s playground, the lake was created for recreation and as an irrigation reservoir for the entire Sunny Bay.

LOCATION: Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong





The Waterfront Park has quite a lot to offer. There are grassy areas perfect for picnics, children’s playground areas, elderly fitness equipment, walking trails, and sculpture installations. A real highlight to visiting the Waterfront Park is the spiral-shaped lookout tower that is just over 32 metres in height, affording visitors beautiful panoramic views of the harbour, and the mountainous areas beyond Tai Po as well as the rest of the park that surrounds the lookout tower.

LOCATION: Dai Fat St, Tai Po, Hong Kong





The park is on what used to be a landfill. There is a running track around the perimeter surrounding some lawns which you can picnic upon. A worthwhile place for a quiet afternoon with friends and family.

LOCATION: Cha Liu Au, New Clear Water Bay Rd, Hong Kong





Tap Mun, which sits off the coast of Sai Kung Country Park, is also known as Grass Island. The island is composed of rolling, grassy hillocks complete with wandering cows. It is also home to a few hundred Hakka and Tanka people. The island has an exciting history as a smuggling and pirate haven, although its now-sleepy streets belie this.

LOCATION: Island off the coast of Sai Kung Country Park, Hong kong