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Creative Workshops to Try in Hong Kong

Nest Property


Thinking of trying out something new? Expand your skill set and feed your creative mind with these fantastic workshops. Find a new hobby for yourself, you will not be disappointed.



1. CLICK852


Click852 Photography Classes | Creative Workshops in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Previously known as the Hong Kong Photography Workshop, Click852 offer a range of creative courses in Hong Kong including street photography and Lightroom training, but their signature class is Photography 101, in which students learn the basics of operating a DSLR camera. After a few hours going over camera settings and how to apply them for different effects, you are then able to go and practice on the streets before returning back to the Central studio for a debrief.

Find out more here.




Dim Sum Crafting

Yum Cha Dim Sum Crafting | Creative Workshops in Hong Kong | Nest Property


The private cooking class offered at Yum Cha will lead you to explore the delicious secrets of dim sum — one of the city’s most loved culinary traditions. Best known for their innovative approach to dim sum, Yum Cha is big on offering dishes that are absolutely delicious. Doggy Sausage Rolls and BBQ Piggy Buns are just some of the adorable creations you’ll find here. Aside from learning how to craft classic dim sums, you’ll also get to enjoy a scrumptious afternoon tea set during the workshop.

Find out more here.




Life Drawing

Art Roof Top Drawing | Creative Workshops in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Art Roof Top is a community that hosts regular art workshops. In addition to portrait painting classes, you can have a go at life drawing, with sessions held once or twice a week. Not only are there lights, props, and even a live model at the workshop, but you’ll also be able to learn about proportions, construction, human anatomy, and other fundamental techniques.

Find out more here.




Glass Making

Glazden Glass Making | Creative Workshops in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Glazden is an independent studio that specialises in glass sculpture that offers a range of glassblowing workshops. Anyone can master the technique of blowing air through a tube of semi-molten glass to craft beautiful glass objects with the right instruction from Glazden.

Find out more here.




Deer Workshop Pottery | Creative Workshops in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Deer Workshop offers a number of pottery classes on weekdays and weekends. Get your creative juices flowing and create something beautiful for your home.

Find out more here.