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Creating a Happy Home

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You’d be forgiven for feeling like the happy bug is all around us recently thanks to the gorgeous weather we’ve been having and the holiday season being almost upon us. It’s that silly time of the year when drinks and dinner engagements abound and you’re most likely spending more time ‘outside’ of your home than ‘inside’, possibly letting standards at home slip. Well don’t save all of your festive sparkle for others. It might sound cheesy but a cheerful space filled with good energy does wonders for the soul. There are studies and surveys to back this up, so instead of having a home that’s only functional, use our handy tips below to curate a home that makes you not only smile but feel good each time you step through your front door. Happiness starts at home!

Think Mellow Yellow

Did you know that people feel happy around the colour yellow because it’s a cheery hue that promotes creativity and communication. If you don’t feel like, say, painting an entire room yellow, incorporate the vibrant shade through small accents such as citrus cushions, curtains or a pastel yellow rug, flowers, or even by having a simple bowl of lemons on your dining table or kitchen counter top.

Make Small Tweaks

Bored with how your place looks? — This is totally normal! But you’ll want to do something about it, considering that rearranging furniture or accents elicits happiness and positive emotions. Change is good! We’re not talking dramatic changes, either — it can be as effortless as these simple home switch-ups.

Get Organised

This should come as no big surprise here: a happy home is one free of major clutter. Get creative when it comes to organising, and turn your storage into home decor. For example, we love the idea of using vintage ashtrays to keep your favourite jewels. Not only will your home look beautiful, but you’ll also save valuable time as you won’t have to waste minutes trying to find things. Space is a premium in Hong Kong, so get creative!

Hang Cheerful Art

OK, this one’s a little more obvious, but it’s so true! Frame and hang whatever makes you smile, be it a funky poster, a picture your niece drew for you, a vintage photo of your parents, magazine pages, or postcards from your travels. There’s nothing like starting and ending a day with seeing pieces that boost your spirits and remind you of the things that count.

Let There Be Light

Bad lighting equals sadness, and that’s no exaggeration. That’s because the right light has a major impact on not only how your space looks but also how it feels. Sometimes changing a fixture will work wonders in a drab room — other times it’s just about easy optical illusions that add instant brightness.

Embrace the Whimsical

Step away from the catalogs! Get happy in your home by adding pieces that reflect your unique personality. A couple of ideas: decorate with flea market finds that no one else has and collections from your travels. Even small modifications and personal touches to your furniture will make a difference. Make your mark!

Add a Touch of Nature

The absolute easiest way to happify your space? Stopping by your local wet market and picking up flowers and plants. If you don’t believe us (how could you not?), studies prove that nature improves your emotional health. Designer and author Justina Blakeney expressed it best when she said, “The life in the house — people, pets, and plants — make a house a home.” Hear, hear!