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Cool New Places To Drink In Hong Kong

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Looking for a new drinking den for date night, a picturesque bar for quiet after-work drinks or a watering hole for just making-it-through the day?

Hong Kongers love a good drink.

As Asia’s nightlife capital, the bar scene in Hong Kong may have taken a dive in the current times but there’s lots to clink glasses to. Plenty of new bars have opened and most old favourites have stuck around; take a gander at the latest openings in town:


1. The Aubrey


With phenomenal interiors, The Aubrey offers a unique dining experience at a time-honoured hotel!


A Japanese izakaya at the iconic Mandarin Oriental, The Aubrey is the latest dining offering from the group behind successful restaurants like Mott 32 and Limewood.

Perched on the 25th floor with stunning city-views, The Aubrey’s classy interiors are inspired by the 19th century art movement of Japanese aesthetics in Western art. The place offers a unique culinary concept in which patrons are treated to three different bar experiences -exquisite Japanese craft cocktails, Japanese whiskies, and the delectable Japanese cuisine.

If you’re a Champagne or sake fan, skip the frills and make a beeline for the third bar – it serves exactly that and tops it with oysters on the side with a selection of sake sparklers. Talk about an elevated drinking experience!

The Aubrey, 25 F, Mandarin Oriental, 5 Connaught Road Central, Central, Hong Kong; +852 252 20111


2. The Daily Tot


Little did we realise that Hong Kong was missing a dedicated rum bar!


We love the story behind the concept.

This Cuban-inspired bar is named after a 300-year-old tradition of handing out rum ration or ‘the daily tot’ to the royal navy sailors, between 1850 and 1970s. No points for guessing, the menu heavily celebrates the Caribbean liquor with 12-signature cocktails designed to bring forth the sheer spectrum of rum.

Located at the corner of Hollywood Road and Peel Street, the place is currently open from noon to 10pm for food, coffee and, of-course, rum. Stay true to the Havana vibe, enjoy a cigar (or two) on their long terrace before calling it a night!

The Daily Tot, Felicity Building, 58 Hollywood Road, Central; +852 2366 6836


3. The Last Resort


Check out the friendly new place on Peel Street


A no-frills dive bar by the Black Sheep Group offering quality drinks and a delectable, classic food menu – we’re talking fried chicken, wholesome sandwiches and creative cocktails.

With its straightforward approach, lively and retro aesthetics, gritty interiors- this is strictly an after-work drinks kind of a place.  So toss out the stuffy pretences at the entrance, drown in their strong cocktails, stay for the comfort food; it’s a fun place (we promise)!

The Last Resort, 52B Peel Street, Soho, Hong Kong; +852 24422440


4. Lucciola Restaurant & Bar


Luxurious iterations of classic Italian staples, right here in Wan Chai!


A modern twist on a pan-Italian classic menu, renowned Chef Francesco Gava offers an indulgent, authentic, traditional menu with the finest tastes and flavours.

Located at The Hari, Aron Harilela’s new luxury hotel in Wan Chai, Lucciola aims to pay a premium tribute to Italian dishes from all over the country and upgrade them with the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients. The place offers heritage recipes perfected over generations of Chef Gava’s family – spaghetti with Sicilian anchovies, garlic with ample of Tomino cheese, and the Fresh tagliatelle with Piedmontese frog legs, amongst others.

The retro-chic interiors of muted green and warm ambers encapsulate the cheerful spirit of Italy. Large angled ceilings create a perpetual flow of natural light; Lucciola is a breath of indulgent air.

A special occasion or an intimate meal, tuck into Lucciola’s indulgent menu and do not miss the Tiramisu – heard it’s the most delicious bite in all of Hong Kong!

Lucciola, 1/F, The Hari Hong Kong, 330 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong; +852 2129 0388


5. Salisterra


Refined and relaxed, the Salisterra is calling upon vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean!


Salisterra, the eagerly awaited crowning glory of The Upper House, is replacing the iconic Cafe Grey Deluxe on the 49th floor. The new restaurant will be a luxury bar serving sweeping views of the city with fresh, vibrant Mediterranean flavours in food and drinks!

Helmed by UK-based Chef Jun Tanaka, the name Salisterra comes from two Latin words- ‘salis’ for salt and ‘terra’ for Earth. The place has formally opened just last week and we can’t get enough of their classy, minimalist interiors! It’s all about bringing people together with good food and exeptional wine at the Salisterra!

Salisterra, 49 F, The Upper House, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong; +852 2918 1838


6. Hungry Pal


New, fuss-free drinking den in Central


A post-work stiff drink, an expertly designed cocktail with a plate of re-imagined pub-grub classics – now that’s a combination we love in a ‘dive’ bar.

Joining the ranks of Shady Acres, Honky Tonks and The Last Resort is the newest gastropub in SOHO, Hungry Pal. Brainchild of three Nepalese industry veterans – Bikal Ghale, Ashok Lama and Ganga Gurung – the place opens from lunch but picks up the vibes later in the evening. That’s when it really thrives!

Dig into crowd-pleasers like Chicken & Mushroom Pie, Cajun Fried Chicken, Grilled Cauliflower Steak or the Caprese Salad of Burrata, and definitely try a round of Oolong Sours from the drinks menu.

Hungry Pal, 11 Lower Elgin Street, Soho, Hong Kong; +852 2635 4555 


Disclaimer: With the ongoing COVID-19 social restrictions, the ban on bars is still in place but plenty of places have re-invented themselves to ensure that we don’t miss our happy hour! Be safe and adhere to government restrictions when you’re out and about.