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Cheat Sheet: The Golden Rules

Nest Property

Always keep in mind the golden rules and magic measurements that interior designers swear by. We call this the designer’s cheat sheet.

1. Bedside tables should be within TWO INCHES above or below the top of your mattress for easy access.

2. Choose a dining room rug that’s THREE FEET wider than your table on all sides, so you can get in and out of your chair without catching the rug’s edges

3. The one thing all decorators will agree on: GROUPS OF THREE (candles, potted plants, frames — you name it) always look best.

4. Use a pillow insert that’s ONE TO TWO INCHES larger than the dimensions of your pillow cover for a luxurious, plush effect

5. The space between the bottom of your chandelier and your dining room table should be between 30 AND 36 INCHES

6. Find a coffee table that’s no more than FIVE INCHES higher or lower than the seat of the sofa, so you can eat off of it and kick back comfortably.