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Best Wine Shops That Deliver in Hong Kong

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Enjoy fine wines without leaving the comfort of your home with the best wine shops that will deliver to your door. Explore new flavours, add to your wine collection, and elevate your guest entertaining ability with these exceptional wine delivery services.




Wman holding a wine glass and three bottles of wine in her arms.


Green Bottle Co. is a platform that offers eco-friendly wine and spirits to help consumers shop sustainably. They have plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral delivery options which make them a perfect choice for environmentally conscious customers. You can explore their selection of wines, bubbles, and liquors, including rum, tequila, sake, and gin, and filter them by sustainability rank, such as if they’re vegan, organic, or made in Hong Kong. They offer free shipping for orders above $800 and deliver across Hong Kong.

Find out more here.




Four bottles of wine on a stone wall with ferns growing on it.


Wine Rack specialises in mixed cases of quality wines. They offer a variety of affordable options. The online store also delivers beers, cider, spirits, and soft drinks.

Find out more here.




A bottle of champagne in an open gift box with straw and dried flowers.


Two More Glasses is a one-stop-shop that specializes in sourcing quality wines. It has over 2,000 wines and spirits from all around the world, and is partners with family-owned labels such as Marquis de Vargas. It is a reliable service that is timely and offers exquisite wines.

Find out more here.




A bottle of wine with an elephant on the label behind a plate of food.


Wine Brothers is a wine and craft spirit company that sources direct from small-batch Australian vineyards. Expect an impressive collection of undiscovered wines, all sourced directly from small-batch vineyards.

Find out more here.