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Best Plant Based Proteins in Hong Kong

Nest Property


It can be tricky trying to find plant based proteins that are available in stores, especially if you’re new to plant based diets. We, however, have made this mission for you much easier and have compiled a list of the best products to buy and where to get them.




Beyond Meat | Plant-based Meats in Hong Kong | Nest Property


After years of trial and error, Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger elevates the concept of veggie burgers from a grainy, brittle puck to a tender, moist, and convincingly meat-like alternative that’s cruelty-free. Peas, mung beans, faba beans and brown rice team up to give you products that are a good source of protein. Beyond Meat has expanded its range in recent years to include meatballs, meat crumbles, sausage links, chicken tenders and jerky.

Find a stockist here.




Omni | Plant Based Proteins in Hong Kong | Nest Property


In order to promote more plant-based diets in the region, Hongkonger and eco-activist David Yeung launched OmniPork, a vegetarian, vegan and halal pork substitute. It is made from a blend of plant-based proteins from peas, non-GMO soy, shiitake mushrooms and rice for complete protein. The brand has now expanded to offer other plant-based products, including pork strips, buns, dumplings, ready meals and now offering OmniSeafood.

Find a stockist here.




Unlimeat | Plant Based Proteins in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Inspired by Korean barbecue, Unlimeat focuses on producing thinly cut fillets of plant-based beef that can be put onto the grill for great sizzling action. Upcycling grains, oats and nuts that would otherwise be discarded because of cosmetic imperfections, Unlimeat is also generating solutions to the food industry’s rampant waste issue. Their products include mince, burgers, pulled barbeque meats, meatballs, dumplings and jerky.

Buy online here.




Impossible Foods | Plant Based Proteins in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Previously only available in restaurants from wholesale suppliers, this soy-based protein product was able to drop its retail price by 27 percent last year, following an investment by Li Ka Shing’s venture capital firm, and is now found in ParknShop stores across the city. Their range includes burgers, sausages, chicken nuggets, pork and meatballs.

Find a stockist here.




Batata Greens | Plant based Proteins in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Another Hong Kong brand catering to the Asian market’s tastes, Batata Greens remakes regional Chinese favourites in vegetarian form. Their range includes squid balls, fish cakes and calamari, as well as Chinese-style buns, pancakes, dumplings and char siu bao.

Find a stockist here.