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Best Junks Guide!

Nest Property


We’ve all been there… wanting to enjoy the fun of a junk but without the nightmare of organising one. Well we have whittled it down to our favourite junks which are guaranteed to give you a fabulous trip!

Where to go?

For departures you can choose from various different pick up locations including; Central, Aberdeen and Sai Kung. As for your junk destination, we would recommend Tai Long Wan (without doubt home to HK’s most spectacular beaches) or millionaire’s beach (for those who enjoy watersports, millionaires beach is known for its pristine waters and is a great spot for snorkeling)

How to choose your ju
nk company?

Junks can range from all inclusive packages to bring your own everything! And if you are looking for some added excitement, some junks offer speedboat hire at an additional cost for the adrenalin junkies!

We would recommend the all-inclusive packages so all you have to do is turn up on the day free from juggling all your food and booze!



Sail away in style on one of lazyday’s luxury yachts. Choose from one of many all-inclusive packages and you are ready to go! If you really want to push the boat add, they offer on board massages (say no more!). Lazydays are perfect for a more chic, family friendly junk party.


Island Junks

If you are looking for simple, old-school chinese junk boats, then this is the company for you. Hire out their paddleboards for some chilled out bobbing around or go to the extreme with their banana boat and wakeboarding packages. They will even throw some nespresso coffee into the mix if requested… great shout for those that need to sober up on the cruise back in!


Hong Kong Yachting

Make a junk romance with Tarzan and (jungle) Jane. Hong Kong’s most sought after Junk boats all the way from Oz. These junks are sure to have heads turning. With their huge decks they are perfect for the sun seekers. If you are into your activities, you will no doubt get great enjoyment out of their water trampoline and blow up slide. Great for the big kids!


Jaspas Junks

Often referred to as the party Junk, mainly for their unlimited booze packages, which by the way, they throw out to you in the water! Does it get any better than that? Enjoy great food, a great atmosphere and all the booze you like!




Save the best til last! A stunning option for day or night. This junk even offers an overnight stay. Customized itineraries let you choose anything from casual lunches to sophisticated dining. Perfect for celebrating a special occasion in true style and luxury.