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Best Instagram Accounts For Cooking Inspo!

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Remember the days when we flipped through cook books for meal planning?

Nope, neither do we!

When you’ve instagram, you can forget the recipe books and the cooking shows!

From pretty pizzas to delectable delights, the ‘gram is a fabulous place for inspiration. We’ve curated a list of food bloggers who are stirring up some serious appetite and serving fuss-free dinner inspo.

Follow on, fellow foodies!


1. Smitten Kitchen by Deb Perelman- Everyday, Comfort Recipes


A platter full of baked feta, chickpeas and tomatoes. Pass me some herby focaccia, please!


When you need a quick, hearty meal and only have a few ingredients in your pantry, turn to Smitten Kitchen.

In 2006, when amateur cook Deb Perelman started Smitten Kitchen, she thought she was talking into a void. Without a formal chef training under her belt or any connection in the real culinary world, it’s amazing how Deb’s cooking blog has not only evolved in the last 15 years, but has also flourished and nourished millions.

With two cookbooks, 1.4 million followers on the ‘gram, Smitten Kitchen is not just any recipes blog; it is the recipe blog to follow. Make their rendition of the TikTok pasta – a one skillet baked feta, chickpeas and garlicky tomatoes for a weeknight dinner, thank us later!


2. Well and Full by Sarah – Daily Dose of Veg Recipes


Spreading the vegan love, one recipe at a time!


Sarah, a young Connecticut woman, started Well and Full in 2015 to feed her creativity and love for clean, plant-based food. Looking for healthy vegan and deliciously satisfying recipes? Stop, right here. Most of Sarah’s food is simple to re-create and comes together pretty quickly – essentials for week night cooking, IMO! 

Her Green Goddess pizza is oozing with big flavours and creamy cashew, pesto delights! Who knew that pizza without cheese could be the stuff of our dreams! Get more crowd-pleasing recipes here.


3. Lady and Pups by Mandy Lee – Cooking Made Her Hate Home Less!


What began as an escapism from the torture that was her reality, Mandy Lee’s Insta has a massive Hong Kong following today!


Lady and Pups, Mandy Lee’s “misery outlet”, is a reflection of the complicated journey of transition from New York to Beijing as a trailing spouse in 2010.

Taiwanese-born, Vancouver-raised, spent a chunk of her life in New York, this exceptional writer and home cook started cooking as a means of survival in the years she spent in the Chinese capital. This fierce writer now lives in Happy Valley, Hong Kong along with her husband and two pups, Sesame and SRB (Sticky Rice Bowl).

Her hugely popular ‘gram has amassed more than 142k followers – people are in awe of her raw and authentic aesthetic. Like most stuff on IG, her recipes aren’t just curated or plain pretty, they’re experimental, dark and sometimes twisted – much like the stark narrative behind them.

Find her recipes here.

Her instant Dan Dan Noodle Mix and the Sichuan Chilli Oil are next level madness! Re-create, you must!


4. WrightKitchen by Brittany Wright


Wild, wild psychedelic food art!


Disclaimer – This is not a recipe account but something which will inspire you to kick a pretty storm in the kitchen!

Brittany’s account sees food as art. Checkout her website, it’s all kinds of whacko – from herb print wallpaper to citrusy hand towels, sweet and snacks print to produce print – there is something there for every food lover.

Follow if you’re into rainbows, condiments and the freshest, seasonal produce. Did someone scream #foodporn!


5. Jenni Häyrinen – The Woman Behind the Viral Pasta That Caused a Feta Shortage In Finland!


The viral TikTok pasta sauce- equal parts creamy, cheesy and carby! Everything we heart in a meal!


Meet the person who broke the internet with a block of feta, tomatoes, garlic, shallots and some herbs. Current food sensation, Jenni Häyrinen, a Finnish blogger, has been churning recipes for 14-years but living a life of explosive popularity only now.

The idea to bake a block of feta with flavourful herbs and bursting tomatoes had to be good but who knew it would be genius enough to break the internet!

Well, we made it and no matter how simple it looks, the recipe is worth the hype! If you haven’t tried your version of this viral food trend, what are you even waiting for!

It is *THE 2021* recipe atm and enjoys a bigger stature than Dalgona coffee did in 2020!


6. Meera Sodha – Changing The Way You Think About Indian Food


Meera’s version of Palak Paneer (Cottage Cheese in Spinach Gravy) is as hearty as it’s inviting!


Fresh, flavourful, simple and convenient – Meera Sodha’s recipes are all about truly and wholly showcasing the Indian food heritage. Chicken shawarma, butter chicken, rogan josh or korma – what the world thinks of as Indian cuisine isn’t what Indians grow up eating in their households.

Born and raised in England, like any other South Asian kid, Meera grew up in the kitchen of her mum’s house. It’s the cornerstone of the home after all! Her cooking is a true reflection of the age-old dishes passed down in her family.

Follow her on IG for quick, humble, not too finicky, plant-based Indian cooking. Cook a Meera once (figuratively, off-course!); the taste, the simplicity of the texture will make you come back again and again.


7. Minimalist Baker by Dana Shultz- Got 30 Minutes, They’ve Got a Delicious Recipe


The grain-free burrito bowl which has our heart!


Simple recipes using 10 or less ingredients, one mixing bowl and less than 30-minutes to prepare – that’s Minimalist Baker for you.

With more than 2 million followers on the ‘gram, this account is thriving on social media. And why not, it ticks all the right boxes of resourceful, healthy, tasty, easy and simple food recipes. Don’t be misled by the word ‘Baker’ in the name though; they’re dishing out decadent desserts along with hearty entrées and filling mains.