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Best Hong Kong Junk Boats Guide

Nest Property


One of the city’s most popular summer pastimes for sun, sea and good times. There is something for everyone, from luxurious yachts to a good-old fashioned junk boat. We’ve narrowed down the top junk boat services for you to choose from.




Holimood | Best Junk Boats in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Yacht Holimood is a yacht booking service in Hong Kong that organises all-inclusive junk boat packages, boat parties, squid fishing, night cruises and even water sports for the adrenaline junkies. There are a number of boats to choose from including cruisers, sailboats, and speed boats that make their way across Victoria Harbour, Sai Kung and Deep Water Bay.

Find out more here.




Boat Paradise | Best Junk Boats in Hong Kong | Nest Property


Boat Paradise is more than just a junk and yacht booking platform. They combine the boating experience with luxury yachting so that you can enjoy different ways of cruising the sea. From DJ parties, corporate events to pure fun. Boat Paradise is your one-stop shop for all things sea related.

Find out more here.




Hong Kong Junks | Best Junk Boats Guide Hong Kong | Nest Property


Looking for a good old-fashioned junk? Hong Kong Junks is the perfect choice for parties, birthdays, celebrations or just a fun day out with your friends. They have room for up to 40 people with food and drink packages that everyone will love. They are also proud to be plastic-free!

Find out more here.




Breakaway | Best Junk Boats Guide Hong Kong | Nest Property


They have various packages including A Day at Sea – Full Day Boat Trip, Dinner Junk, Brunch or Afternoon Boat Trip, Romantic Boat trip for 2, Mini Junk Trip for Kids and more. Rent and organize your next boat trip with an all-inclusive package.

Find out more here.




Asia Boating | Best Junk Boats Guide Hong Kong | Nest Property


Hong Kong Asia Boating provides various boating options. From Classic Teak Junk to Luxury Cruisers and yachts. Experience is the key, we monitor our fleets status season by season, in order to maintain Fleet quality and safety. Host are regular trained in offering the best service you can have out there.

Find out more here.