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Best Boxing Gyms in Hong Kong 2024

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Unleash your inner fighter and push beyond boundaries at Hong Kong’s premier boxing gyms, where elite trainers sculpt mind and body through intense full-body workouts designed to build unparalleled cardiovascular endurance, explosive strength, and unshakable self-confidence.

01. The Fighters Club

The Fighters Club via Facebook

The Fighters Club stands apart from other Hong Kong boxing gyms by offering personalised 1-on-1 training sessions tailored to your individual goals. Their elite trainers, each completing 100 hours of intensive coaching from the founder, provide undivided attention and customized workouts covering boxing techniques, pad work, and bag drills. After your private session, refresh with a rejuvenating shower and recharge with energising post-workout drinks, snacks, or coffee in their exclusive facility.

The Fighters Club, 2/F, Wings Building, 110-116 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

02. Southpaw

Southpaw via Facebook

Southpaw brings world-class boxing and Muay Thai training to Hong Kong with state-of-the-art facilities and expert coaching. Their comprehensive programs cater to all levels, from beginners to elite competitors. The foundational Boxing Pad Circuit refines punching technique and footwork through intense bag drills and pad work. For the advanced practitioner, the Technical Muay Thai course elevates skills through partner drills and guided sparring sessions, allowing you to apply your training in the ring. Whether aiming for competitive mastery, fitness goals, or self-defense, Southpaw provides the ultimate boxing and martial arts experience tailored to your aspirations.

Southpaw, 3/F, Tung Chai Building, 86-90 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

03. Def Boxing

Def Boxing via Facebook

Def Boxing boasts an unparalleled pedigree as the training home of Rex “The Wonder Kid” Tso, Hong Kong’s most decorated professional boxer. Their world-class coaches tailor workouts to individual needs and goals, whether you’re a seasoned champion or a martial arts newcomer. Beginners can start with group classes designed for every level, while the dedicated Student Class nurtures young boxers from age 12. Once you’ve honed your techniques, take it to the next level with their elite competition and sparring programs that ignite your competitive fire. At Def Boxing, the path from novice to greatness awaits under the tutelage of Hong Kong’s finest.

04. Ursus Fitness

Ursus Fitness via Facebook

Ursus may be renowned as a powerhouse for strength training, but this versatile gym also excels in combat disciplines like boxing and Muay Thai. Under the guidance of seasoned instructors Benz Aoikam and Khathasit “Ta” Jaisuedee, students of all levels can immerse themselves in foundational techniques from combination punching to elbow-knee strikes. The scalable programs nurture beginners and elite athletes alike, whether pursuing competitive goals or overall fitness. Ursus fosters a supportive community that empowers each individual to push boundaries and reach new heights on their martial arts journey. Step into this inclusive space to unlock your full fighting potential.

Ursus Fitness, Units 2-4, 64-68 Pok Fu Lam Road, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

05. Basic Reflex

Basic Reflex via Facebook

Basic Reflex brings the defensive mastery of boxing to Hong Kong. As the city’s premier Cuban boxing gym, their methodology builds skills from the ground up through a tailored, step-by-step approach. Classes emphasize foundational techniques of the renowned Cuban style – footwork, head movement, and counterpunching. Beyond physical training, Basic Reflex provides mental stimulation, personal growth, and a supportive community environment. Immerse yourself in the art’s strategic defensive focus while developing whole-body fitness and discipline. Basic Reflex empowers students of all levels to embody the principles of this legendary boxing tradition.

Basic Reflex, 4/F, Bonham Centre, 79-85 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong