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Beach, Please! Splish, Splash & Sandy Scenes!

Nest Property


Seas and greetings, folks!

Get your booty to the shore because just in time for the Easter break, beaches and pools are re-opening in the 852!

We’re (happily) putting the rollercoaster of events of the last few months – lockdowns, shutdowns and the dreaded quarantine scare behind us, in exchange for a ~whole lotta sandy fun~

Grab your sunnies, slap on the SPF, dig out a trashy novel, a cocktail in hand and take your flashiest swimsuit to lose its saltwater virginity. Seawater swimming, alfresco dining and sand castle building – here we come!

Nest Property’s recommendations for Hong Kong best beaches below:


Hot off the press- Tapes and barricades are all set to be lifted off Hong Kong’s sandy shores!


1. Big Wave Beach


Summoning all the sun-seekers and wind surfers to the Big Wave beach for miles of sandy fun!


Hike, take a dip, ride the waves and grab a bite! Sounds a lot like our ideal Sunday!

This slice of local paradise is a huge hit with adventure-seekers. It not only makes for rad pics, it’s Hong Kong’s only designated surfing beach (big waves, duh!) and is located at the tail end of Dragon’s Back hike. Being a bit far from Stanley and Repulse Bay, it’s cleaner, less crowded and has epic waves; we cannot fall more in love with this green and blue gift from the Heavens!

And with the beaches officially opening from April 1st, you’ll have access to shower and changing rooms (finally!), surf boards and other rentals, plus some great restaurants nearby. Sweet!

How To Reach:

Take the train to Shau Kei Wan, Exit A2, head to the adjacent tunnel and hop-on the minibus marked 9.


2. Long Ke Wan, Sai Kung


If it’s unbelievably beautiful, it’s undoubtedly Sai Kung!


Hong Kong’s answer to Koh Samui! No exaggeration or debate here, please!

White sands, crystal-clear, turquoise waters, rocky formations and dog-friendly- this hidden jewel is a prime spot in the Kong for channeling your inner beach bum.

Located on the Stage Two of the Maclehose trail, this tranquil, rustic beach is totally worth the hike and the hype. If it’s too sunny for a trek, rent a junk for heading away to this island paradise. Get plenty of water, booze and eating supplies- there ain’t any restaurants for a refill.

How To Reach: 

Hike Stage 1 and 2 of old Mac’s trail; if the mercury is wearing you down, drive to the Sai Kung Pier and charter a speedboat.


3. Sham Wan, Lamma Island


A beach so scenic in Southern Lamma that turtles have made it their home!


A 25-minutes escape from the buzz of Central lie Lamma’s laid-back beaches and seafood eats. If you’re done with the bonfires and the music scene at the Power Station beach, gather your beer-swinging buddies to this sleepier side of the island.


Green turtles come and breed at the Sham Wan Beach – it’s Hong Kong’s last remaining turtle nesting site and is cordoned-off between June to October


A beach so invitingly beautiful that it’s a favourite spot for green turtles to bask! Unfortunately, that means it becomes a restricted zone between 1st June to 31st October, when the turtles are nesting. Nature-wardens can slap you with a hefty fine of HK$ 50,000 for frolicking around at the breeding time. All the more reason to head there now!

How To Reach: 

Once in Lamma, follow the signposts in the Tung O village to the Sham Wan beach. Locals call it the Turtle Beach.


4. Clearwater Bay Beach


Tucked-away in the northeastern coast of Sai Kung, Clearwater Bay is a fave for day-trippers and junk revellers!


Home to two beaches, First Beach and the Second Beach (couldn’t be more apt!), Clearwater Bay, deserves a top spot when we’re discussing Hong Kong’s sandy shores!

Both the beaches are connected by foot, idyllic for family fun, boast of similar basic necessities like shower and changing rooms, shark nets, lifeguards etc. but we’re slightly partial to the Second Beach for its proximity to the parking lot and small refreshment cafes.

Itching to add a hike to make the most of your day? The stunning Lung Ha Wan Country Trail is just a stone’s throw away from the beaches.

How To Reach: 

Take bus 91 from Diamond Hill Bus station. 


5. Pui O Beach, Lantau Island


Whilst Big Wave is for the big leagues, beginner-level surfers can rent boards and grab the waves here at Pui O


Miles and miles of clean sandy shores, clear waters and rugged mountains make for the perfect sunset vistas in Lantau. Thanks to its somewhat remote location, this popular beach paradise is litter and crowd-free on most weekends.

We majorly miss the (now closed) legendary ‘board shack’ Mavericks, but current expat-favourite restaurants, Treasure Island’s Beach Club and the newly opened Aviator, offer a lip-smacking menu! Dig into the chicken curry or the succulent lamb dishes at Aviator and appreciate the laid-back, vibrant vibe of Lantau even more.

How To Reach: 

It’s 10-minutes via a cab from the Tung Chung MTR. You can also hop on a ferry from Central to Mui Wo and then cab it to Pui O. If you’re feeling rather brave in this heat, hike from Mui Wo to Pui O; it’s a pretty picturesque, well-marked trail. Reward yourself later with a chilled, long glass of beer on the smooth sands of Pui O! 


6. Hap Mun Bay Beach


Tucked-away on Sharp Island, this crescent-shaped beach, popularly known as Half Moon Bay Beach, is one of Hong Kong’s most photographed coasts!


A short ferry ride from Sai Kung is the charming Sharp Island. Not only does it boast of being part of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark; it’s home to two gorgeous beaches, Hap Mun Bay and Kiu Tsui Beach and rock formations dating back to 140 million years! Go here for the ‘gram!

It’s a bit of a work to reach this island, we suggest you go on a day when the tide is low for a great payoff! You’ll catch some Moses-like action for your social feed as you walk over the tombolo when the sea recedes. Be sure to walk back before the tide comes in!

Even though its popular with sun-seekers, water quality here is consistently top-rated making it an ideal spot for swimming and snorkelling. The beach has showering and washroom facilities but no cafes or kiosks to rent supplies. Get your own refreshments and swimming equipment or purchase it whilst in Sai Kung.

How To Reach: Take the kiato (small, local ferry) to Sharp Island from Sai Kung Public Ferry Pier, it plies every 30-minutes until 5.30pm.