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An Insider Guide to Tai Kwun’s Bars & Restaurants

Nest Property


Tai Kwun, formerly known as the Central Police Station, is the latest hotspot for heritage and arts, restaurants and bars, all the while taking in Hong Kong’s colonial past in all its beauty. For all the foodies, Tai Kwun isn’t short of impressive hang-outs with plenty on offer from swanky bars to casual cafes, Tai Kwun’s the perfect place for all occasions.

Madame Fu


Taking things to the next level (quite literally, it’s on the top floor) is Madame Fu – a contemporary Chinese restaurant spanning across the entire third floor. Dress to impress and take advantage of the countless instagrammable spots.

Location: 3F, Barrack Block, 3114 2118 

The Chinese Library, Statement & The Dispensary


A classy concept by the Aqua Group consisting of Statement (traditional British cuisine), The Chinese Library (regional Chinese cuisine) and The Dispensary (a lounge and bar). In true East-meets-West style, The Chinese Library occupies the whole East Wing whilst Statement occupies the West Wing of the second floor of the Headquarters block, joined by the classy lounge and bar boasting panoramic views over the square.

Location: 1F, Police Headquarters, Block 1, 2848 3088 / 2848 3000 

Cafe Claudel


Where Parisian style meets Hong Kong. A simple and classic cafe, with outdoor seating – grab a spot on the terrace and watch the world go by. We would recommend the cheese and wine (of course!).

Location: GF, Police Headquarters, Block 1, 2411 1310

Old Bailey


With a spot on the “100 Top Tables 2020” list by SCMP this one is not to be missed. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a bright and airy atmosphere whilst providing stunning city views. One of the many ventures from JIA Group showcasing their take on Jiangnan cuisine using only the finest ingredients. It’s not their only spot in Tai Kwun (see below, Behind Bars).

Location: 2F, JC Contemporary, 2877 8711

Behind Bars


Another unique establishment by JIA Group, Behind Bars (both literally and figuratively speaking) is inside the former interlinked jail cells of Tai Kwun. It’s certainly the only way you can enjoy a classy cocktail behind bars.

Location: GF, Barrack Block, 2200 7000 

The Armoury Bar & Aaharn


Proving to be the go-to spot in Tai Kwun, The Armoury Bar has a buzzing and relaxed atmosphere. Right in the midst of the picturesque square, and set under the mango tree – pass us the deck chairs and Aperol. Just above The Armoury, you’ll find Aaharn, a michelin starred restaurant serving up hard-to-find authentic Thai dishes.

Location: GF & 1F, Armoury Building, 2701 9111 / 2703 9111 



From the man behind Iron Fairies and J.Borowski is the latest addition, Dragonfly, and it doesn’t disappoint. Instagram-worthy interiors alongside unique cocktails make a great location for post-dinner drinks.

Location: Shop 10-G1, 2777 2633

Sushi Zo & Gishiki Lounge


The popular Sushi Zo from Los Angeles, often rated as the best omakase dining experience, has made an appearance in Hong Kong. Exuding in style, this one-of-a-kind Michelin starred restaurant only takes 14 guests per day over two sittings so it’s certainly an intimate affair. Finish off dinner at their sister establishment Gishiki Lounge which serves up Japanese-inspired craft cocktails with a contemporary twist.

Location: LG1, Block 1, 2884 0114