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Tateyama Private Beach House

Ref No. S-000-020899

Tateyama-ShiNet Size: 5,597 (sq. ft.)


Features: Stand-Alone House, Rooftop, Terrace, Balcony, Car Park, Kitchen Pantry, Private Beach Access, Internal Elevator

Net Size: 5,597 (sq. ft.)

HK$ 32,277,302

Tateyama Private Beach House is an oceanfront property located in the breathtaking Minami-Boso National Park, offering spectacular, uninterrupted ocean views.

This rare beachfront property has direct access to a private beach. It is a stand-alone family home with 5 bedrooms, 4 full baths, and 3 partial baths.

This modern house boasts all the latest state-of-the art innovations and facilities. It truly needs to be seen in person to fully appreciate it's remarkable position, quality of workmanship and sheer luxury on every level.

Access: 1.5 hours drive from Central Tokyo, 2 hours by train from Tokyo Station, Bus is available every 1 hour from Tokyo Station

Right: Freehold

Structure: RC

Land Area/Setback: 452.21 sq. mt.

Total Floor Area: 520 sq. mt.

Building Features:

* Anti-Earthquake Construction
* Water Leak Detection System * Salty Air Removal Air Circulation System
* 32 De-Humidifiers for Dry Air Circulation
* Air Conditioner in each room
* Balcony on each level
* Elevator for Each Floor Access
* Rooftop Outside Living Space with Jacuzzi

Room Features:

* Fire Place in Living Room
* Large See-Through Wine Cellar
* Latest Kitchen Appliances
* Pantries
* Lots of Storage Spaces for each room
* 1GB High Speed Optical Fiber Internet
* Satellite TV
* All (including exteriors) LED Lighting System

Security Features:

* 24 External Surveillance Cameras
* 8 Internal Surveillance Cameras
* External Frame Detectors
* External Infrared Motion Detection System
* Latest SECOM Home Control System
* Ten-Key and IC Card Entry
* Exclusive Direct Access to Private Beach (No other private or public access), hard to find anywhere within the protected area of MINAMI-BOSO National Park

(This house is sold with all the luxurious furniture, lamps, objects, kitchen-stuff, and other items seen, excluding personal effects)

5,597 sq. ft.

5 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

0 Maid's Room

3 Outdoor

5 Car Park

Last Modified: 18.12.2018

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