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India House — S.Africa

Ref No. S-000-018599

Bainskloof PassNet Size: 9,278 (sq. ft.)

South Africa


Garden, Car Park, under-floor heating in main dwelling, wood fireplaces

Building Facilities:

Four separate cottages to the main house, 40 square-metre swimming pool, three boreholes, large storage room, potable tanks, equipment and irrigation for 500 yellowwood trees, access to the Witte and Bastiaanskloof rivers

Net Size: 9,278 (sq. ft.)

HK$ 11,802,397

This private nature reserve boasts access to spectacular mountain hikes and trails and two main perennial rivers, the Witte river and the Bastiaanskloof river. Both of these rivers have beautiful waterfalls and natural pools and are still sparsely populated with indigenous Cape galaxias, Cape kurper and Breede River redfin and has five lovely areas for swimming.

The property forms part of the Boland Mountain Complex in the Cape Floristic region, one of eight areas in South Africa designated by Unesco as World Heritage sites. Places as unique and diverse as the wilds of East Africa’s Serengeti, the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the baroque cathedrals of Latin America make up Unesco’s World heritage sites.

In summer, the highlight of anyone’s visit is to take a dip in the cool, clear water to cleanse, invigorate and relax. The riverbanks are ideal
places for picnics. In the evening, guests cook up a storm, set the table outside under the stars and enjoy long drawn-out meals with plenty of wine and conversation. In winter, evenings are spent inside playing games, snug and happy in front of the fire.

Some are up before sunrise for a walk and others lie in with a book. And if you can rouse yourself, you can access invigorating mountain trails near the pass.

Recently, weddings and milestone celebrations have been booked at Bastiaanskloof, offering an additional income source.

• Main Dwelling India House (sleeps 6-8): 385m²
• Kraal Cottage (Sleep 2): 25m²
• Wild Almond Cottage (staff cottage 4 bedrooms): 200m²
• Wild Olive Cottage: (sleeps 4): 107m²
• Restio Cottage: (sleeps 4): 145m²

9,278 sq. ft.

8 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

4 Maid's Room

1 Outdoor

4 Car Park

Last Modified: 16.03.2018

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